My Baby Is 2! - Milestone Update

So, it’s been 6 months since my last post on Edith’s milestone updates. Edith is now two!

My little girl, who is fast growing to not be so little, is now a two year old. I can’t believe it. Everyone says it, but it really feels like a few weeks ago she was a tiny, wrinkly and slightly yellow newborn. How on earth have the past two years flown by?

Anyway, as always, I like to write these posts to look back on and see just how much Edith has changed and I think it will be nice for Edith to read when she’s older (if my blog is still going!).

Edith’s favourites

Edith, like any toddler, likes to jump from thing to thing, and fad to fad. Six months ago, Edith was very much into Baby Shark. She couldn’t get enough of it, but we have finally found our way to that well known Pig, despite me trying to avoid it for as long as possible.

Edith just loves Peppa. She’s really gotten into watching Peppa Pig and does really enjoy the songs I think! We have reached the point that Edith has started to point out some character clothing and she just loves them. Edith was bought a gift voucher for her birthday from her GG, so that she could get some new clothes in 2-3, and much to my dismay, she chose a very bright and very busy looking Peppa Pig dress, and she just absolutely loves it.

Edith is still very much loving Hey Duggee, but not quite as much as she was. We still have the odd request for Duggee, which is fine by me because I think I’ve memorised every episode so far!

Of course, it only feels right to say that Edith is obsessed with cars. She started off by watching Disney’s Cars, which she absolutely loves. Filmore is her favourite character and calls him ‘bussy’ which is very cute. So, we do watch a lot of cars and she frequently point out cars, busses and tractors when we see them out and about!

Edith also absolutely loves to be active. She enjoys running around, exploring and just learning. She likes to pretend to help me cook and clean, and likes to feel helpful. She will always put things in the bin if we ask her, but she has occasionally thrown cats toys or even some of her toys in there! I’m convinced that the bin is her secret hiding place for some of her puzzle pieces that we are yet to find...

Edith’s firsts and developments


Edith started off as a very shy little girl and wasn’t always happy to socialise. Since we went away to Florida, something in her changed. She’s so much happier to go to people and to engage. It’s really lovely to see, especially when she will happily play with some of her little friends, or engages in Story Imagin-ory. It’s such a joy to see her confidence growing and just being involved.

Edith loves to run around and play with others, especially if it looks like the other children are having a good time!

There are times, of course, where Edith still covers her eyes (and grins) when she’s approached by people in shops, but she knows she’s being cheeky as she tends to smile and giggle to herself - little sausage!

Speech and communication

Edith’s speech has come on tenfold since my last milestone post. There are still times when we will encourage her to say things to which we are answered with a ‘no, mummy’, but generally she enjoys having a little chat!

I wrote a list of some of the main words that Edith can say confidently, but it’s become quite hard to write them all down because she seems to come out with new words each day. It’s wonderful. I love hearing her little voice chatting away, and watching her play with her toys when she’s fully immersed in her game.

Edith does so well at asking for things that she wants. Unsurprisingly, she’s confident to ask for particular snacks, and will sometimes request certain things for dinner.

Back on my previous post, I touched on her comprehension. Edith’s comprehension has always been far more advanced than her speech sometimes is. She just knows things. We’ve cracked colours and she has started to count. It’s all just so new and exciting that I just love listening and watching her learn. She’s such a joy, and always has been, but this age is possibly one of my favourite stages of her development so far.

Physical development

Ever since she was on the move at 10 months, she hasn’t stopped. Edith bounds and runs everywhere. She’s got into the habit of skulking around before she gets up to mischief!

Edith has started to express herself, especially when she’s not happy. I think it’s safe to say that she’s perfected the toddler tantrums!

My cheeky girl has also pretty much grasped jumping, and quite often she’ll jump around the room which then breaks into a run. It’s very funny!

Mealtimes and breastfeeding

Now, Edith loves to eat. She enjoys her mealtimes and will often ask for snacks. She’s a real snack monster - a girl after my own heart really

As for breastfeeding, I said that once Edith hit two, that I would like to completely stop breastfeeding. She’s done so well and has only been having boobie at bedtime and that’s it. However, we have started to try to put her to bed without feeding her which I don’t think will take too long to crack it. I’m so pleased that she’s done this by herself and has gently weaned, so I know the time is right to soon completely stop. 

What’s next? 

Well, we have started to dip our toes into the world of potty training! 

I think this will be something that might take a little time before we get it right. Edith has started off so well and knows that she can do a ‘wee out of bum’ and do it on the potty or the toilet. She has done a few little wees on the toilet/potty so far and some of them unprompted! 

I’m sure there will be a blog post coming soon once we’ve really made a start on this and how she gets on.

I can’t believe I have a two year old!

Thanks, lovelies. 


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