Celebrating Mother's Day With Merci Maman*

*My necklace was very kindly gifted to me by Merci Maman in exchange for an honest review.

Since dreaming of having a baby of my own, came the dreams of Mother’s Day and being able to celebrate being a mum with my own child. There’s something so special about having your child around you, having Mother’s Day cards to open, and just generally being treated. 

For a while now, I’ve loved the idea of having a personalised piece of jewellery for me to wear, that I can look at and instantly think of Edith. Being a mum is absolutely the most important thing to me, so being able to show that off in the form of a gorgeous piece of jewellery is perfect, especially with that all important Mother’s Day coming up.

About Merci Maman

Merci Maman, are a jewellery company that specialise in creating those special pieces for those special people in our lives. They were created to celebrate the unique bond between mothers and their children. Something that I longed for for a long time, and so I think their timeless pieces are stunning. After all, everyone’s story is different, so to have a piece of jewellery to capture that is something that I just love

Treat mum this Mother’s Day

Simply speaking, Merci Maman translates to ‘thank you, mummy’. 

Mums are at the heart of Merci Maman, so I couldn’t think of a better gift for Mother’s Day. What’s even more special is that each piece of jewellery, or accessory, can be personalised with names, dates, initials, and more. 

What I love about this, is being able to personalise it with whatever names, or dates that were special to me. So it seemed fitting to have Edith’s name and date of birth, alongside her birthstone - Aquamarine. It’s just gorgeous.

Being able to wear something at all times, that fills me with pride of being a mum, is really special. I’m a very sentimental person when it comes to jewellery, so my new Merci Maman necklace, is now very much a treasured piece of mine. 

Merci Maman have included a special Mother’s Day section on their website, where you can browse before you decide which is your favourite. There are so many wonderful pieces that it’s hard to choose, let me tell you!

So, what are you waiting for? Get treating that special mum in your life this Mother’s Day. Or, drop some hints to be treated!

What to expect

As every piece has its own story, they are each personalised by hand. That’s pretty special isn’t it? 
Knowing that someone’s time and care has been put into such a beautiful gift. 

Each item is personalised and sent within 24 hours, and delivery is free over £50, so you’ll be sure to know that your gift won’t take long to arrive (which is great for those that leave things last minute!). On arrival, you’ll also notice Merci Maman’s signature orange boxes which in itself is another unique design feature, in which your gift will come beautifully packaged.

In order to receive your gift in time for Mother’s Day, the dates for delivery are as follows*:

Standard tracked - 17th March
Express delivery - 19th March

For orders placed before 1pm GMT

My necklace

Like I've said, I love my sentimental pieces of jewellery. I like to have a story behind it that I can tell people about. I opted for Merci Maman's Personalised Hammered Double Disc & Birthstone Necklace. There was something really unique in being able to personalise my necklace in a way that reflected Edith.

I decided to personalise my disc with Edith's name and date of birth, because when I met her, and held her in my arms for the first time, life as I knew it had changed. It was when everything suddenly shifted and I became a mum. So, it seemed right to personalise my necklace with a date that would forever be special

Edith is a spring baby. Whenever I think of March, I think of her and her birthday. So, I was able to personalise the birthstone in my necklace and it seemed only fitting to have Edith's birthstone Aquamarine on there. 

I just love it. I love that my necklace now tells a story about Edith. Whenever I look down, or look in a photo, I'll see that and think straight of her. It's very special to me. 

Thanks, lovelies.


*Delivery information was correct at the time of this blog post going live.

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