Activities To Try During Social Isolation And Quarantine

So, it seems like we’re going to have a lot of time on our hands, especially with potentially not having the option of going anywhere!

I thought it would be nice to make a list of some of the activities that I’d like to try with Edith whilst we are stuck at home. 

Build a den in the living room

Now, this is a pretty simple activity but I’m sure Edith would love it. Especially taking over the front of the living room, in front of the tv! 

I like to think that we could make it into a reading activity where Edith could choose a book that she’d like to read, whilst we get comfy in the den. I do wonder what the cats will think of a den, because I imagine they might try and jump over...we’ll see!

Use paint pens

Edith was bought some paint pens for her birthday. I’ve wanted to get her some for a while, mainly because they look like they’ll create much less mess when it’s time to clean up. So, it’s lucky that Edith was bought some from some of her grandparents for her birthday. 

I think this could be an activity that we could sit and do in the garden if the weather is nice enough. Especially now that Max has tidied the garden and it looks so lovely in the sun!


Speaking of the garden, I’d love to get outside with Edith during this time and do some small bits of gardening with her. I think she’d love it. She loves being outdoors, and really enjoys helping. So I think this would be the perfect combination for her. Plus, it would let us tidy the garden up even more!

Jumbo chalk in the garden

Do you sense a theme here? It’s been a long time since we’ve been in the garden, but I think it’s the perfect time to enjoy it. Before everything kicked off with the virus, we had bought some jumbo chalk to enjoy outdoors, so I think we’ll have plenty of opportunities to draw on the slabs in the garden.

Cardboard play

You really can make anything out of cardboard, can’t you? Max has been very DIY and has created some activities for us to try with Edith. 

He has created some threading activities and some colour and number recognition activities. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for updates on how those go!


Not to take any of my baking items for granted, but I still have a fair bit of flour that I already had in my cupboards. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to use some of my flour to make some cupcakes, or biscuits that Edith might enjoy making with me! 

Edith loves to ‘cook’ in her kitchen, and will quite often ask to come in the kitchen with me whilst I’m cooking and will grab a pot, a cooking utensil and some sort of veg. She likes to help and be involved, so I think baking would go down a treat!

Puzzles & reading

I like to try and rotate some of Edith’s toys when we can. So I want to grab some of her new puzzles out and set up some puzzle activities with her. As her birthday wasn’t long ago, we have an abundance of various puzzles. Some of them are memory cards, some are shape sorting and some are story telling. So I’d like to set this up as an activity for her in her bedroom, because I think it might spark her interest.

As for reading, we are now asking Edith which book she would like to read before bedtime and she has quite enjoyed being able to lay down and listen to a story. 

So, those are just a few of the activities that I’d like to try out with Edith whilst we are confined!

Do you have any activities you’ve thought about trying out?


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