A Small Life Update - March 2020

Did we blink and suddenly by-pass February?

I can’t believe we’re already in March. The month that daffodils bloom and my baby turns two!

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you’ll have seen how bittersweet I’ve been feeling about the thought of Edith turning two. I can’t believe where those past two years have gone, but suddenly I feel like my not-so-little daughter is turning into a independent and very sassy girl. 

Anyway, let me wipe the tear from my eye and carry on. I thought it would be nice to do a little update on what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks, what with Center Parcs and just general life, including some of the things that I’ve been watching and reading.

Max’s birthday

This was one of the busy times that we had in February. Max had booked his birthday off naturally, and it gave me a chance to try and plan something for him. In the end, we had booked to go to the zoo. However, things didn’t go to plan...

Poor Edith, really suffered with an eye infection. It was absolutely horrendous. Long story short, she’d had an allergic reaction to some eye drops that were prescribed to her. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, and it was just horrendous to see my baby look so unlike herself and so scared. Anyway, we ended up going to the zoo for a grand total of an hour, before we decided to go home. 

In the evening we met up with Max’s parents and brother for dinner and had a  catch up before we saw them and celebrated with them by visiting Sea Life the next day!

Sea Life

We hadn’t been to Sea Life in a pretty long time, but I was quite sure Edith would enjoy it. Max liked the idea of being able to go somewhere that he could enjoy with Edith, and she really did!

She loved climbing through all of the tunnels that she could, and enjoyed seeing all of the various sea creatures. I think she definitely enjoyed having the freedom to walk around too!

Center Parcs

I won’t go into this too much because I recently published a new post about our Winter 2020 Center Parcs trip. It includes everything that we got up to, and everything that we enjoyed. So click the link above if you fancy giving it a read!

What I’ve been watching...

Truth be told, I don’t watch that much television any more. Although, Max and I decided to completely rewatch True Blood from the start, which I haven’t watched in years! We still haven’t quite finished it but it gives us something good to watch in the evenings once Edith is in bed. Especially now that Love Island has finished!

Yep, that’s right. We (I) watched Love Island, and I actually really enjoyed this last series. Much more so than other recent ones.

During the day, I don’t really watch TV, mainly because most of it isn’t age appropriate for Edith anymore. So we either don’t have the television on at all, until quite late in the day, or we’ve been watching various episodes of whatever Edith is in the mood for or constantly watching Cars over, and over, and over again!

What I’ve been reading...

I’ve been making a real effort to keep up my reading. It feels so good to be able to read for joy, rather than reading because I have to. I set up my Goodreads account with my target of 24 books to read in 2020. I’m currently on number 7 which is insane considering I only read 14 books last year in total. So I’m feeling pleasantly pleased!

Anyway, some of my favourites that I’ve read so far this year are:

They Call Me The Cat Lady - Amy Millar 

I absolutely loved this book. I rarely get emotional when I read books, but this one really got to me and made me cry a couple of times!

It’s not the happiest of books, but the emotions felt so raw. It was a 5/5 from me!

The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird - Josie Silver

Again, this book really stirred up my emotions. It was really interesting to read about the various stages of grief that Lydia went through in the book. I loved it. 

Another 5/5 read from me.

One Of Us Is Next - Karen M. McManus

I love, love, loved the original One Of Us Is Lying, so this sequel was really fab. 

I didn’t guess who it was until towards the end, but the final twist had me shocked. I was not expecting it to end like that. 

This one was a 4/5 from me. It wasn’t quite a 5/5 like the original was but I still really enjoyed it. 

So, that was a little bit of an update from me and what Ive been up to over the past few weeks!

Don’t forget I’m always most active on my Instagram account - @becomingmumsy.

Thanks, lovelies.


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