Stepping Into Spring With Bloobloom - A Bloobloom Glasses Review*

*Glasses gifted in exchange for honest review.

Now that January is over, isn't time going fast? The daffodils are starting to sprout and I've spied the odd bit of blossom on the trees. Now that spring is on its way, Bloobloom have also released a new Spring Collection, and let me tell you that it is gorgeous

If you've been following my Instagram stories, you'll have seen that I was recently gifted a new pair of glasses from one of my favourite brands - Bloobloom.

Now, I love Bloobloom, for a variety of reasons and I especially love my new frames, so I'm sharing with you my experience, and a bit of background to Bloobloom that initially attracted me towards them.

'The Founder' in Camel.

About Bloobloom

Bloobloom creates high end, unique and designer eyewear. Their mission was to make exceptional eyewear with a fair price. There's no hidden nasties. I've never seen a more upfront company that explains just how their products are being made. 

After initially coming across Bloobloom, I loved how clear it was to understand how much it cost to design and create my frames. There's nothing hidden and the quality is simply amazing. 

Not only do Bloobloom glasses look good, but there's also their 'Pair For A Pair Scheme' that I think really sets them apart.

A Pair For A Pair

Bloobloom believes that everyone should have a right to sight.

I remember my Dad telling me when I was younger that I should never play around with my sight and to always regularly have my eyes checked. However, some people don't have this luxury. So I think it's really important to try and pay that back to give another the opportunity to have their eye health maintained, which is exactly that Bloobloom do. 

For every pair of glasses purchased, another is donated to someone in need

In addition to this, not only is another pair of glasses donated, but people are also trained to provide eye health care. Through this scheme, Bloobloom is helping those in need to work and to have a better education. To read more about Bloobloom's Pair For A Pair Scheme, click here.

My experience

5 pairs for 5 days - home trial

I initially came across Bloobloom on Instagram, before I then had a browse through their website. I was so excited when I was given a chance to review their glasses, so I knew that I wanted the full experience and also opted for a Home Trial. 

I think it can be such a task trying on glasses, especially in public with everyone watching you. What I loved was that you could browse for as long as you like via their website before choosing which were your favourite - which let me tell you, is hard work choosing!

However, there is a Home Trial option where you can try, for absolutely free, five different pairs of frames for five days. I'd like to say it made it easier for me to decide, but there were so many gorgeous frames that I loved. However, I did post on my instagram stories for my followers to vote, which certainly helped. Bloobloom will always give their opinion too if you tag them in your posts!

Once I'd chosen my home trial frames, the delivery was super speedy and once they had arrived, I couldn't wait to try them on. The packaging for the home trial was beautiful. It was so elegant and minimalist, that it was really effective. I can't say I've ever had a service like this when purchasing frames in the past.

The box is beautifully presented and made from sustainable vegan leather.

Choosing the right pair

Once I'd made my decision, (with a lot of help might I add!) I jumped straight on the website and put my order in. The beauty with Bloobloom, is that you can send them your prescription (all done online), and when your frames arrive, they are ready to go. 

Like the home trial, the delivery was so fast which is good because I'm an impatient person! When my package arrived, it was all just beautiful. The presentation is spot on and the frames themselves are so comfortable. 

I opted for 'The Founder' in camel, which is part of Bloobloom's new spring range. There are several new designs in their Spring Range and they are all stunning. Some of my favourites were The Saint, The Bookworm and of course, The Founder. 


Now, this is my second pair of Bloobloom glasses, and both times my glasses have arrived, I’ve been amazed at how beautifully presented they are when they get here. 

I think that’s one worry when buying things online, you never know how well packaged things will be. However, my glasses came fully protected and so well packaged that I didn’t want to ruin the presentation! 

Bloobloom glasses are simply some of the best that I’ve ever had and I’ve had my fair share of designer glasses, but these are by far my favourite. I can’t see myself getting glasses from anywhere else now. Not only do they look good, and are such a high quality, but I also know that buying from Bloobloom will make a difference to somebody else that needs it. 

What do you think of my new frames?


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