Reflecting on January 2020 - Reflections

Goodbye January...finally!

January 2020 has felt like it has gone on forever, right?! 

Honestly, it has felt like the longest month, ever. So I'm glad it's over with. January always feels like a long old slog doesn't it?

Anyway, I thought I'd write a post about some of the positive things about January that I've loved because, well, it's nice to reflect on the positive things rather the negatives.

Things I've enjoyed this month:

Spending time outdoors 

I'm actually pretty chuffed with this as January is obviously a cold month, so usually I like to stay wrapped up indoors. However, this month we have been braving the cold air and going for some nice winter walks, and I've been loving it!

Different activities with Edith

Despite still doing more walks outdoors, we have also had a fair few days inside. So, Edith and I have done all sorts of crafts and activities which has been lovely. Edith is really starting to pick up on different colours, and can identify several when asked. 

This age is definitely one of my favourites, not that they aren't all great, but the level of communication between us is just brilliant. Edith can put together phrases and small sentences to tell us what she wants and it's so fun when we're engaging in activities. Some of her favourites are definitely play dough and painting. So we have done plenty of those as well as lots of puzzles!

Binge watching tv

I'm very, very late to the party but I started watching Gossip Girl at the start of the month, and quickly got hooked. So, I actually managed to watch all of the seasons in various different intervals, and I really enjoyed it!

Max and I have also watched season 2 of Sex Education, which we loved. I love how quirky and funny the show is, as well as addressing various different issues surrounding sex and relationships.

I wonder what I'll move on to next...Max has suggested I try watching The Witcher - what are your thoughts?


So, I've got into reading again. I think during my years at university, and work, I became sick to the back teeth of looking at books so I put my kindle down for a while. However, I was bought a new Kindle at Christmas and I have been taking advantage of it!

Last year, I managed to read 13 books, which might not sound like a lot, but I was impressed considering I hadn't read in a long time. I have loved sinking into new stories! 

So, my mission on Goodreads is to read 24 books - 2 books a month is totally achievable I think especially as I'm on my third book of the month so far!

This month I have read:
  • The Wedding Date - Zara Stoneley (chic lit)
  • Love To Hate You - Jo Watson (chic lit)
  • The Perfect Mother - Caroline Mitchell (thriller)
I'm currently reading Anna - Amanda Prowse.

Seeing friends

I'm making it my goal to have lots of adventures in 2020, and what better way than to spend it with friends?

We have been to Cannock Chase, which was mentioned in my 2020 Bucket List (tick!), with Laura and her gang which was gorgeous!

I have also been on a few coffee and cake days - yum!

I wonder what next month has in store...

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