Preparing For A Center Parcs Holiday

We love Center Parcs. 

I think it's such a lovely destination to go with a family, or as a couple, or with anyone. It's just a great place to have a getaway, without having too much travel to get there!

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful to write a post on preparing for a Center Parcs trip. Although the booking is pretty easy, and organising activities is also simple. However, there are things that I'd wish I'd known to take before setting off.

What's included

Depending on your type of accommodation at Center Parcs, will depend on what is already inside.
Generally, all accommodations will have bedding and plenty of towels*, however, you can obviously take your own if you'd prefer.

*Although there are towels, they are only for use inside your accommodation, so you will have to take swim towels to Aqua Mundo (the swimming pool). 

On arrival, your accommodation will also have toilet roll as well as a small cleaning pack which includes a sachet of washing up liquid, some dishwasher tablets and a cloth. 

In the kitchen:

The kitchens are fully kitted out with enough cutlery and utensils, as well as plates, bowls, mugs and glasses.

The kitchen has the cleaning pack, which I previously mentioned.

In the bedrooms:

All bedrooms have enough pillows, duvets, linen and storage. 

The bedrooms also have hair dryers, and enough electricity sockets.

Consider to take

As I mentioned, there are some toilet rolls already in the accommodation. However, I would suggest taking extra of your own as it will save you a small fortune in the on-site shop. 

Another thing that I think is important to note is to take some hand soap. Whether you use liquid soap or a bar of soap, you will need to have some of your own as this isn't already included.

I thought it'd be easier to write a full list of some of the things that I'd recommend taking with you.

A list of home comforts:
  • Swim towels;
  • Wellies (even in summer - we all know what the British weather can be like...);
  • Washing up liquid and extra dishwasher tablets (if you already have them, if not you are supplied with 3 in the accommodation);
  • Kitchen towel, or reusable cleaning cloths;
  • Antibacterial spray - especially with a toddler and spillages!
  • Toilet roll as previously mentioned;
  • Hand soap, also as mentioned;
  • Tea bags - those things are expensive, so definitely take those, or coffee from home if you have them and will want them;
  • Sugar - again, just take this with you in case you need it. Taking a smaller bag of sugar rather than buying a whole bag whilst you there will save some pennies and mess;
  • Any cupboard food items that you might want to use that you already have at home - such as crisps, biscuits, cereal, etc;
  • Baby items - nappies, wipes, formula, puree, etc, etc;
  • Toiletries - this goes without saying. Just take your usual toiletries that you'd take on holidays usually;
  • Bird feed and nuts - This is definitely something that we learnt from last time because we will definitely be taking our own. We loved feeding the wildlife that came to visit us, so definitely remember to buy safe food for them to eat.

I know from looking at that list that it seems that there's a lot to consider before you go, but those are just some of the things that I'd consider taking, as I did on our last trip, and it made it much cheaper and easier.

Close to the Center Parcs that we usually visit, there are supermarkets all around, placed a short drive from the park. So, when we arrive, we usually unload the car and Max does a food shop once there is room in the car. We buy our food for the week including snacks and lunches and it keeps us going whilst we are on our break.

After we packed and took everything that we needed, and learnt from experience what would come in handy, it certainly made our experience much smoother, so I hope that these little tips serve useful for someone!

Book activities

They fill up quickly

I'd definitely suggest to look at the park that you've booked and see what activities they have to offer as it may vary. I have written a post about some of the activities that are suitable for Under 2's at Center Parcs, so do check that out! 

Anyway, we aren't far away from our next Center Parcs trip and I can't wait!

Have you ever been to Center Parcs?

Thanks, lovelies.

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