2019 - A Reflection On The Year

Well, it's been a while since I've been on here hasn't it?

December was such a busy month for us, especially after coming back from Florida and then immediately getting ready for the festive period, which was a busy one let me tell you!

Anyway, I was inspired by Lauren, over at Diary Of A Spanglish Girl, and so I thought I'd post my own recap of 2019. From Becoming Mumsy to a one year old (did you see my pun...), two Disney trips, and so much more...


On the whole, January was a pretty quiet month. We don't tend to do many things in January, especially after needing to recover from Christmas! I feel like 2020 will be just the same...

However, January was the month that Edith hit a big milestone - she started walking! At 10 months old, my girl was up on her feet and ready to explore!


February saw us buying Edith's very first shoes, and I remember feeling like such a proud mum! I couldn't believe my baby, who wasn't even one at the time, was up and walking around. 

This months saw us taking Edith to the park for the first time, and she absolutely loved it. She always asks to go to the 'cark'. We also visited Warwick Castle, which was a first for me. I will say that it was hard work with a baby, as it's (obviously) not very pram friendly.


This was a super special month - Edith turned one! 

Firstly, I couldn't (and still can't) believe how quickly that year went! I was so excited to celebrate Edith's birthday, which of course meant that we took our first trip to Disneyland Paris as a family. 

I had been looking forward to taking my own child to Disney, and Paris seemed like a good starting point. We had a lovely time, and I'm still surprised at how much she enjoyed it!

March also saw me being able to celebrate Mother's Day for the first time (I'd narrowly missed it in 2018 as Edith hadn't been born!). So, it was really special to have my own 'Mummy' cards and be able to join in with the Mother festivities. 


April was a relatively quiet month apart from having a trip down to visit some of our family which was lovely. I remember Edith feeling a bit overwhelmed, but it was a nice trip.

This month also saw us going to Alton Towers with Laura and her gang, which was very cute, especially watching Edith and Emily playing together. I dare say that there will be more of those trips in 2020!


Similar to April, we started the month off by seeing Laura and Emily. We had a mooch around the town, and had some lunch with the girls before heading to the park for them to have a run around together. I swear each time we meet up, the girls love each other even more - besties!

For the first time ever, I visited Brighton for my cousin Katy's Hen Do, where we did a Disney dance class, which was certainly an experience!

I was so excited to visit Brighton, but I can't say it'll be on my list to go back again. After we left the next day, we visited Chessington with Edith, and she loved it! I think she's going to grow up as an adrenaline junkie who loves theme parks!

We ended the month by visiting a farm park with Laura and her gang, which is somewhere that I definitely want to visit again in 2020, because it was probably one of the best farms that I've been to!


Now this was a busy month!

We saw the warmer weather begin to make an appearance, and with that came strawberry season! It was the first time any of us had been strawberry picking, and it was so much fun, which means that it's on the 2020 bucket list!

During June, we did our (now) annual trip to Center Parcs with my mum and co. We had visited in 2018, when Edith was just 3 months old. So this time, she was 15 months and loved it. The swimming, the activities, the ducks...everything! We are looking forward to going back again in 2020.


July was a very friends and family filled month, and looking back it was really gorgeous. 

We began the month with another Alton Towers trip with Laura and Emily - it was the furthest drive I'd done alone with Edith. The day was wonderful and so hot. The girls definitely enjoyed it and ended the day by holding hands - so sweet!

During the month, we visited some of my family for a BBQ, which was lovely to have a catch up - I'm expecting more catch ups in 2020 for sure!

We also visited Tropical Birdland with Keira and her gang. This is also something I want to see happen again in 2020, because Edith loved being able to feed the birds (she has no fear!). It would be lovely to see Edith and Thea going again this year.

Finally, July saw us celebrating my cousin Katy and Ant's wedding, which we had been looking forward to for ages! It was a gorgeous day filled with so much love, and it was really special to be able to celebrate with them.


This month seemed to be filled with lots of animals - farm trips and zoo trips! 

We also met up with Laura and Emily again (can you see a theme here?) where we mooched around Leamington Spa again together. The warm weather certainly opened up our options with that we could do so it was a lovely get-together!

During the month we also went sunflower picking, which actually ended up being a bit of a flop because we'd left it right until the end of the season to go. However, we ended the month with a trip to the Space Centre which was loads of fun, despite me not being the biggest Space enthusiast. 


This was a quieter month, in that we didn't have any particularly big days out, which was nice after a busy summer!

However, I did get my first evening out with Keira where we watched Happy Mum Happy Baby: Live. I wonder if there will be another tour this year because I absolutely want to go again!


October saw us going to the Children's Play Village for the first time and Edith loved it, so I can definitely see us going there this year.

We also had another photoshoot with Deepa, which I've written a blog post all about it. We had such a lovely time!

However, the highlight of the month had to be pumpkin picking! I had been looking forward to this day out for so long. I had two of my best friends with me, with our kiddos and gangs and it was just a perfect day out, despite the very thick mud! Round 2 in 2020?!


I think this might be taking the top spot for my favourite month, other than March. During November, we were very busy, mainly because it was the month that we went to Walt Disney World!

I had been looking forward to going to Florida for a long time, and it crept up and then flew by! It was 100% the best holiday, despite some illness, and I won't lie at how emotional I got at having Edith there with us!


We spent the first half of December, and my birthday, in Florida. It was just perfect. There will be whole blog posts on our trip coming soon, so stay tuned!

As we had been away for most of the run up to Christmas, we had a lot to do and not much time to do it in, but we did it!

Christmas this year was probably one of my favourites. Edith loved it, apart from actually opening presents, and loved seeing all of our closest family. It was very special.

Looking back, 2019 was such a beautiful year, for so many reasons. It was lovely to be able to look back at each month and reflect.

Here's hoping that 2020 is just as special!

Thanks, lovelies.

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