Why We Love Story Imaginory!*

If you've been following my Instagram, you'll see how I post about Story Imaginory frequently, just because we love it so much!

Considering that I post so much on my Instagram, there's never enough words to give enough detail about what it is that we really enjoy about going to these classes, so I figured a blog post would be the best way to do it!

Story Imagin-ory is a registered trademark, and this photo has been used with permission.

About Story Imagin-ory

Story Imagin-ory, is a Leicestershire based company, and is a unique and interactive class that very much focuses on participation and learning (one thing that I was particularly keen on for Edith). Each week, there is a different story that is bought to life, through singing, signing and play.

Each session is structured, which means that there is half of the session where we sit down and learn new songs, signs and listen to the story (something that Edith likes to test!) which Freya brings to life by using various props!

Throughout the other half of the session, there is a lot of play based learning, which involves lots of free play, and is also based on the story of the week. Everything that happens in the session is based on the story, which I absolutely love!

Story Imagin-ory, offers various groups in different locations across Leicestershire. Initially, when Edith and I first went, there were mixed age classes (recommended ages 6 months - 5 years), however, Story Imagin-ory now offer Teenies sessions (aged 6 months - approx 18 months), which are fantastic!

Vehicle based play!
Why Story Imagin-ory?

What initially drew me to these classes was how interactive they are. I love that participation is very much encouraged, and it really gives Edith a chance to really get involved with other children, especially now that she is a social butterfly! 

Sensory scooping activity

There are so many chances, in every single session, for children to learn. Each session is designed to enhance communication and learning through reading books and interactive play activities. What I love is that each session is different, so within a 2.5 year time frame, there is never a repeated class which is absolutely fantastic at keeping those little ones intrigued and involved!

Our experience

Now that Edith is 19 months (I'm not ready to say almost 2 just yet!), she is keen to explore and engage with her peers, and is keen to learn new words and to explore her senses. Since taking Edith to the Teenies Autumn term 2019, Edith's confidence has certainly grown, and to prove it she showed the whole group that she has perfected throwing a bit of a strop over having to tidy up! However, although she can be very vocal about her irritability, she has also picked up so many new words, that she confidently uses at home. 

As there are so many different sensory elements to the play side of Story Imagin-ory, Edith loves being able to get stuck in. In particular, she loves the water play that is sometimes present at the sessions. On the first week, I was too slow to grab her, but she had stuck her whole foot (shoe and all) into the water...oops! However, she confidently uses words like 'wet' to describe how the water feels, and I truly believe it's down to the variety offered at the sessions as it gives us a chance to really talk about the activities.

As Edith enjoys Story Imagin-ory so much, we are booked on to the Winter Term* and I can't wait for her confidence to continue to grow and for her to get stuck in to some new activities! 

Additionally, as she loves the sessions so much, we have booked Edith on to the Halloween Party and to one of the Special Christmas classes!


We all know that children are expensive and doing things with them can also be expensive. However, another thing that I love about Story Imagin-ory is that, for what you get out of the sessions, it is incredibly good value. The sheer amount of planning and effort that goes into these sessions, is incredible. What Edith and I, and I'm sure every other family that goes, gets out of these sessions is invaluable, as it is so enjoyable for the children, and the adults!

As I said, Edith's development has come on so much in the last few weeks since we've been regularly going, and everyone has noticed the change in her. Her speech, in particular, has massively come on. If you've read any of my play posts, you'll know that Edith can be a bit hesitant to join in with activities initially, especially if they involve new sensory elements. However, the activities are always inviting, and always allergy/child friendly. I don't think I can really explain just how much is included in each session, because it seems that everything has been thought of!

Look out for...

Available on the Story Imagin-ory website, there is a priority booking form where you can be the first to know about upcoming classes to make sure you can book your place, as the classes are so popular!

As well as the priority booking, be sure to keep an eye out for any special classes that run throughout the year on special occasions.

Story Imagin-ory also have a lot of new and exciting changes coming, with new classes and locations, so be sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages too to keep up to date!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out Story Imagin-ory!

If you are interested in signing up for Story Imagin-ory sessions (which I very much recommend) then use the code: MUMSY to receive 15% off any booking!

*We have very kindly been gifted some Winter Term classes in exchange for an honest blog review. All opinions remain 100% my own.

Thanks, lovelies.

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