Edith's Favourite Things - October 2019

It's been a little while since I wrote one of these posts, but I do enjoy writing them, especially as it is a form of an online diary that I'm able to read back on to see what Edith was enjoying at the time. 

As a toddler, Edith goes through so many changes, and so quickly. Her development seems to run away with her and she's always doing something new! I just love watching her enjoying things for herself, and she can certainly be passionate about her likes (and dislikes!).

Cats, cats and cats

Edith's love for her cats grows daily. She's is absolutely besotted (obsessed) with them. She loves giving them cuddles (when they let her) and loves our cat Dobby, in particular. He is the youngest of our three cats, so is much more inclined to some play time, and she just loves him. Quite often I'll find her sat with him, just showing him her toys, or trying to kiss him. 

The best time of day, for Edith, is 'feed the cats' time. Edith, really enjoys being able to feed the cats, which is something that she will chant throughout the day. When asked if Edith loves the cats, or wants to feed the cats, we are always greeted with a very enthusiastic nod!

Hey Duggee!

Moving on from Edith's love of Baby Shark, from back in July's post, she has found a love for all things Hey Duggee. In particular, Edith just loves Enid, Duggee's pet cat (what a surprise!). 

Aside from Enid, Edith does enjoy watching Hey Duggee. She goes all silly and shy when she watches a part that she thinks is funny and will often laugh out loud. 

Now, I'm really not a fan of character clothing. However, I couldn't say no when Max showed Edith some Duggee socks, which she absolutely loves and must wear them to bed. We ended up having to buy more pairs of them, because she just gets so upset if she isn't able to wear them when they are in the wash!


Edith's little appetite, is no longer little. Edith could give me a run for my money when it comes to eating. She just loves food! I'm so pleased because, although she can be fussy with some things, generally she will eat anything happily. 

I think because Edith is such an active little girl, who is constantly climbing, running or rolling around, her metabolism just burns off her food so quickly. So, she's always happy to sit and have a snack, and is actually one of her favourite things to sit and do. 

Being outside

On the whole, Edith is very much an outdoors kind of girl. She loves exploring and taking in her surroundings. She gets easily bored when we are indoors, so I always make a conscious effort to get outdoors with her every day, even for just a little walk. 

When outside, Edith is definitely not a fan of being in her pushchair. The only way to get her back in there, is to offer her a snack or to tell her that we're going home to see the cats - bribery!

Learning through play

On the days that I do decide that going out isn't a great idea, when I make sure I have some kind of activity set up for Edith. One of her absolute favourite activities is painting. 

I finally bought Edith some paintbrushes that she could use to explore the paints, as normally we have only used our hands, but let me tell you that it gets very messy! I say mess, but really it's just part of the fun, especially when Edith looks very proud of herself after making her art. 

I have made playdough with Edith which she has enjoyed each time after the initial time we tried it. I think it took her a while to get used to the texture. However, any form of sensory activity is a plus for Edith. She loves it!

I wonder what Edith's next favourite things will be. 

Does your child have any favourite things that they enjoy doing?

Thanks, lovelies.

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