Deepa Rodrigues Photography - A review*

If you know me, you'll know that I love to seize the opportunity to take photos, or in this case, have my photo taken! I just love filling my home with photo memories and being able to reflect on special times that I have with my family and friends.

So, this is where Deepa comes in. I have known Deepa for a long time now, and I just wanted to put a review* out of our experiences that we've had during our photography sessions. Especially because photography sessions are special occasions to remember, so it's important to have a friendly face taking your photos!

Deepa, is a Leicestershire based photographer who focuses on family and personal branding photography. We have had the pleasure of having two family shoots with Deepa, and they have both been in unique settings, and incredibly comfortable. 

Deepa, is possibly one of the most friendliest people I think I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I would now class Deepa as my friend, however, when we initially met, I had no idea what I was expecting, but she  truly is a breath of fresh air!

Memories to keep

As I've said, keeping photograph memories are very important to me, so to be able to have such wonderful, professional photos is a real gift. Last year (November 2018), we had our first shoot with Deepa, and I just love looking at the photographs that are dotted around my house. There is one photo in particular that is one of my all time favourite photos of Edith, just because Deepa has captured Edith's real cheekiness and personality. Of course, I don't show Edith's face online, but everyone that has seen the photo has absolutely loved it and all agree that she has a very cheeky look on her face!

Our experience

At the time of our original shoot, Edith was around 8 months old, which is just mind blowing for me! Part of me wondered how Edith would get on at a photo shoot because I've never done anything like that, let alone with a baby! 

Deepa, who also has a gorgeous little girl, who is similar in age to Edith, obviously knew exactly what she was doing. The whole experience was so relaxed and, at the time, we had never met before but it was like meeting a friend that I'd known for ages. The conversation just flowed (something that I sometimes struggle with!) and there was no awkwardness, especially if we did any posed photos. The whole experience just felt natural, which I think is important when, not only working with families but, working with anyone!

We recently had another photoshoot, and I cant safely say that Deepa's work just gets better and better. The photos from this year were truly stunning. We had an outside shoot, with beautiful autumnal colours in the background. Deepa is brilliant at scouting lovely locations to shoot, as I very much enjoy taking outside taking photos, as opposed to being indoors (something that Deepa also offers in her family photo shoots). She told us the location that offered the best lighting, etc, and we arrived and completely trusted her judgement that she got spot on!

For us, the whole experience was very relaxed, with no pressure to look a certain way, or do anything in particular. It was very much a case of just turning up and enjoying it! 

Here are some of the gorgeous photos from our shoot, that Deepa has kindly allowed me to share with you all:


I think there can be quite a lot of hesitation when it comes to doing photoshoots. Sometimes there are so many reasons to not - not looking a certain way, or wanting to lose weight after having a baby, etc. However, one thing that is important to me is time. Time goes so incredibly fast when you have a child, and it seems that one minute you blink and the next they have grown up!

So, from our original photoshoot, to now, it's amazing to see how much Max and I have changed in a year, but the most gorgeous thing is to see how much Edith has changed. In a year, Edith has gone from being a chunky little baby to a tall  and not-so-small toddler. I think it's so important to have family photos, regardless of how we feel about ourselves, because time is precious and should absolutely be documented.

Deepa's full range of packages are available via her website, but also be sure to keep up to date with her updates via her Facebook and Instagram pages!

Have you booked in with Deepa yet?

*Our initial photoshoot was won as part of a previous social media giveaway, and our second was us helping out Deepa for her portfolio. All views are 100% my own.

Thanks, lovelies.

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