Pumpkin Picking 2019

Last year, I wrote a post called Our New Family Tradition - Autumn, so of course I thought it fitting to do a yearly updated version.

I love Autumn, which is no secret so being able to go pumpkin picking is a definite highlight of the season. I can't say it was ever something that we did prior to having Edith, mainly because I didn't know much about it. However, there's something satisfying about going to pick your own pumpkin to carve.

Anyway, this month, it was a very fun day for us, because we got to share it with some special people!

This year

We absolutely loved walking the pumpkin field last year, but this year we invited my lovely friends Laura and Keira, with their gangs, to join us!

I knew that our local farm would be busy. It was busy last year, but in comparison to this year, it was nothing! It was rammed, but me being the organiser that I am, I knew that the cafe/tea room would be busy, because it is even when it's not super busy on the farm. 

So, I planned ahead and booked us all a table. Yep, a table for 9 of us! We took up a big portion of the tea room, but I think everyone loved having a pit stop, to catch up, before making our way down to the pumpkin patch!

My family

As I said, and as you'll probably know from my Keeping Myself Organised As a Mum post, I like to make sure everything is ready. So, of course, the table was booked, but in true Amy and Laura style, we twin all of the time. Sometimes unintentionally, but if we can twin the girls, we absolutely do. So, we organised to get the girls all dressed up in the same outfit. I managed to find a very cute Halloween inspired dress from Boots, so sent the links to Keira and Laura to see what they thought!

All of the girls wore the same outfit, which was very cute, but as the weather was somewhat chilly, we don't actually have any evidence of the matching dresses...oops!

Pumpkin picking

The field was so muddy. The weather for the whole week before we had planned the day, had been very wet indeed. I think I underestimated how muddy it would be, but had taken all of our wellies as we had a photoshoot with my lovely friend Deepa, which I will elaborate on more in one of my future posts - watch this space!

Anyway, luckily we had our wellies because I think it would have been a nightmare. Especially with Edith being keen to get stuck in and sit on the floor! 

Of course, we needed a wheelbarrow to carry all of our pumpkins, which we bought a few of and I can't wait to carve them! However, Edith is very keen on helping to push things, which of course meant that she wanted to push the wheelbarrow, but couldn't as it was too heavy for her. Edith then resulted to sitting in it,and being pushed around, like the princess she is!

I think by the end of it, Edith was happiest holding one of the little gourds that we'd found, and kept trying to kiss it despite me asking her not to as it was covered in mud...what are germs, eh?

It was truly a gorgeous family day, spent with some of my very closest friends and I couldn't be more grateful! 

Here's a small amount of photos from our day:

Have you been pumpkin picking this year? If not, what are you waiting for?

Thanks, lovelies.

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