Our Favourite Rainy Day Activities

Since the cooler weather has swept in, it seems that the rain has followed. After having some very wet days, I thought I'd write up my favourite rainy day activities to do with Edith, either at home or outside. 

When the weather isn't great, I think my motivation seems to be equally as dull. However, with having a very active toddler, that's usually the time that I have to pull something out of the bag for us to do!


The very first time that I did painting with Edith, she was not keen. However, we have done it much more frequently and she just loves it. She knows where we keep the paints in her bedroom too, so will often point to the cupboard and ask for them!

When the weather is wet outside, this is a perfect activity to do with older babies/toddlers because although it is messy, it's perfect for being able to let their imagination run with them and allows them to process the art in their own way. My friend Laura wrote a really informative piece on process art for children, and I definitely recommend giving it a read. It made me rethink how I introduce art activities with Edith. So whenever we get craft activities out, I might give her some props (such as leaves, paintbrushes, etc) but the rest is up to her to create!

Rainmaker making

This was something that I didn't have the intention on doing. Edith was having a particularly bored day, and she definitely made it known to me! 

So, in a bit of a tizz, I rummaged through my cupboards for inspiration. I'm not a big fan of food play, but my supplies and ideas were both limited, and I wasn't in the mood to brave the weather outdoors, so I found an old plastic bottle that was waiting to be recycled, and I grabbed some lentils and rice from my cupboard. 

Initially, I had set up a scooping activity for her to do, but then I'd seen the bottle and I had that lightbulb moment. 

Edith is very much in to arts and crafts, so I gave her a small sheet of paper (that I'd cut to fit the bottle) and let her colour away. She then saw some of her Baby Shark stickers on the side and insisted the have those too. 

Surprisingly, Edith really enjoyed this activity and will often get out her homemade rainmaker and shake it at me!

Play dough making

After browsing through Pinterest, at sensory activities to do with toddlers, the one that popped up the most was making homemade playdough. 

The recipes are so easy to make, with very simple ingredients. So, it was a no brainer that I had to give it a go for myself, to see what Edith thought of it. There are so many variations, and there are some that I'm yet to give a go. I would really love to give scented homemade play dough a go!

There seems to be a recurring theme with new sensory activities that I introduce to Edith, because initially, she seems to hate them. It's only when I bring them out again, that they interest her. So perseverance is key!

Again, this is a super easy activity to do that allows toddlers to explore new textures, colours and smell. 

Go for a walk in the rain!

Edith absolutely loves going for a walk in the rain! 

If she could choose her wellies over her shoes every day, then she absolutely would. I remember the first time I put them on her, she freaked out a bit because they obviously felt differently to her regular shoes. However, she now knows that wellies = puddle jumping, and she gets so excited when she sees them!

Puddle jumping is messy stuff, so I quickly invested in an all in one puddle suit for her which she loves! She knows it means she can get as messy as she likes, and will often just sit on the wet floor whilst we are having a walk. 

Going for a walk in the rain is very different than when it's not wet and I think Edith enjoys the freedom of exploring when everything is wet. 

So, there we have it, our favourite rainy day activities! Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks, lovelies.

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