October Reflections - A Reflection On October 2019

And another month bites the dust...

Did we all just blink and then October suddenly flew by? Well, it certainly seems that way. 

As October is over for another year, of course I have another reflections post about all of the things that we've been up to over the past month.

Leaf painting - Autumn style

This month, I decided that I would take Edith out, with one of her little bags, and go for a little autumn stroll to collect some fallen leaves. At first, she was not sure at all about what I was asking her to do because normally, I'm telling her not to pick things up off of the floor, yet here I was encouraging it. In the end, she loves exploring all of the leaves, and collecting some to bring home. 

So this month, we did an autumn style leaf painting activity, which Edith just loved. She loves getting the paints out, and I think it is one of her favourite activities that we do together!

Story Imagin-ory term finished

Edith finished her first full term of Story Imagin-ory, and oh my goodness she just loved it. She was initially a bit shy, but that soon changed when she just became the sassiest child there. 

I can't believe the confidence change in Edith since going to the classes. Stay tuned for a whole blog post about Story Imagin-ory coming soon this month!

Children's Play Village

Well, this is a definite highlight of the month. Keira and I decided that we were going to visit the play village, somewhat last minute. Neither of us had been before, but I knew people that had been and they said it would be great for Edith's age. Well, that was it, we booked and what a fun day out it was!

Of course, Edith's favourite area was the vet centre because of the cats!
Essentially, the Play Village was a mini High Street for children filled with a bakery, hairdressers, cinema, super market, building site, school, vets, doctors/dentist and a fire station. The village is made up of a booking system, where time slots are available which I thought was perfect considering most places like that can become very crowded and busy. I like those types of systems because it allows everyone to play and enjoy themselves without being too busy.

It's safe to say that the girls absolutely loved it!

Pumpkin picking 2019

Of course, one of the absolute highlights of the month was pumpkin picking. We decided to make a big day of it this year, especially now that Edith is older and could chose her own pumpkin! So, we met up with our gorgeous friends Laura and Keira and their gangs!

As we were making a day of it, we enjoyed a lunch all together because I actually planned and booked ahead. More often than not, I always see reserved tables at the farm, and then wonder why I can never get a table when we visit. Alas, I learnt my lesson and booked a table in advanced so that we could enjoy our day!

For a full insight as to how we got on, read my Pumpkin Picking Family Tradition 2019 post.

Pumpkin carving

This is a yearly tradition for Max and I and we have carved a pumpkin every, single year that we have been together (almost 10...wowza!). So, of course, we got Edith in on the act! 

Carving pumpkins is such a great sensory activity to do with young children, because it really gives them a chance to get hands on with the festivities of October! Although it would have been a lovely sensory activity, Edith would not have any of it. She watched me carve the lid off of the pumpkin and looked at me and said ‘yuck!’. Toddlers, eh?

It’s safe to say that pumpkin carving was a flop this year, but we’ll try again in 2020!

This years pumpkin efforts:

So, that's a round up of our October. Do you have any special highlights of the month?

Thanks, lovelies.

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