Mum's Night Off - Watching Happy Mum Happy Baby Live

Parenting can be hard work, can't it? After all, having a tiny person be completely dependent on you would be hard. However, I'm a strong believer that once you become a parent, it doesn't mean that that's the only title that you'll ever be known by. It's important to have time out to refresh your mind.

So, a few months ago, I booked some tickets to watch Giovanna Fletcher's Happy Mum Happy Baby Live, and I'm so glad I did!

A night off for Mum

When I booked the tickets, I knew Max would be fine with Edith, because he's her dad. It made me laugh on the night of the show because Giovanna made a joke about how Tom, her husband, was home babysitting the kids. It does make me laugh that when the other parent is home with the baby, they are generally seen as so good for being home with the kids. 

Anyway, I had a couple of months to look forward to my night out, in fact, my first night out since having Edith. Edith is now 18 months old, and it was the longest time that I've ever been away from her, and I won't lie, it did feel alien, but also welcome to have some time to just not think, and to just be my own person. That probably sounds awful reading it, because it felt horrible typing it, but it's a weird emotion to get written down without looking like a horrible parent that wants to be away from their kids!


Sitting in the audience (2nd row!), the atmosphere was brilliant. The room was filled with parents and parents-to-be, and in a weird way, it felt like I was amongst my people. Sometimes, I think it's easy to feel like you're boring your friends that don't have kids, especially when talk of tantrums, dirty nappies or teething comes up. So, it was nice to be amongst other people that get it and could laugh about it. 

The crowd was frequently bursting into laughter, or sudden ooo's, and it was just so soothing for the soul, as corny as that sounds!

During the show, it was sad to see just how many of us pick apart our new bodies once becoming a mum, one would say it was Becoming Mumsy... Anyway, I remember writing a post, what seems like a long time ago now, all about learning to love my new 'mum bod'. I'm comfortable and happy to say that I'm happy with how I look, but what did stick with me was when Giovanna said something along the lines of that her love for her body is up and down. I really appreciated that because I went through a phase of being really upset with how I looked. I'd lost so much weight (unintentionally), and I just felt like a bag of bones. However, I've gained the weight back, and I couldn't be more pleased. Of course, I'd be lying if I said that I loved everything about my body, because there are things that I'd change if I could, but on the whole, I love my wobbly body!


As it was my longest time away, and because the show didn't start until 7:30pm, it meant that Max was on bedtime duty for the first time, ever. We had done trial runs where Max would try and put Edith down, but she had absolutely none of it. So, naturally I was nervous about how they would get on, because Mum saved the day on the trial runs! I needn't have been nervous though because they both were obviously fine, and Edith went to bed as she would normally, minus boobies. 

I did have a chuckle during the interval, as both myself and Keira had messaged our husbands and both had said that bedtimes had been a success in both households...typical, eh?

Treat Yo' Self

I live by this saying, when I know I probably shouldn't, but there's not anything wrong with a bit of self care. So, Keira and I decided that we would make a night of it and have dinner up in Birmingham beforehand. 

Keira suggested trying out Tamatanga, and if anyone knows me, you'll know that I can be quite fussy, especially when trying new foods. Generally, when I know that I like something, then I stick to it!

Our dinner was amazing. the restaurant was great, the food came out quickly and it was delicious. So, we were well prepared and full to sit down and enjoy the show.

Overall, it was a brilliant night. I didn't know just how much I needed a little break. I won't lie though, I was so excited to see Edith in the morning afterwards. Luckily, she was happy to see me and I was greeted with lots of cuddles. Definitely a big bonus on top of an already fab night out!

Do you ever find that you need a break with your friends? Or just a break to do whatever?

Thanks, lovelies.

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