My Baby Is 18 Months Old! - Milestone update

Well, another 6 months have passed since Edith turned one, and I now have an 18 month old. I say this all of the time, but it's as though I've blinked and all of a sudden I have a child, not a baby.

Anyway, you know me, if you're frequent readers of my blog, I love writing posts that I can look back on. So, here comes another milestone update!

Edith's favourites

This is one of my favourite sections to write in these updates because I love being able to compare the things that Edith loves and loved. 

Edith absolutely loves going to see the ducks!

It's no secret that Edith is absolutely Baby Shark obsessed, and when I say obsessed, I mean obsessed. I always said that there would be no chance that any child of mine would be watching Baby Shark, but let's all take a moment to laugh at naive pre-Edith Amy (ha!). Edith loves being able to do the actions to the dance, and will frequently come up to us with her pinching her fingers telling us that she wants 'do do do'. Poor Max, every time he goes in first thing to Edith, at the weekend, she immediately asks Max for 'do do do'. 

As well as Baby Shark, Edith has recently discovered a love for Hey Duggee! I won't lie, I don't actually mind her watching it. I like the characters, and I like the general niceness of the stories and how the characters behave. I absolutely refuse to put Peppa Pig or Bing on because I just can't stand them (sorry Edith!).

Edith has really got into doing her puzzles and shape sorting. She loves the praise that we give her when she pieces the puzzles together or correctly sorts her shapes. 

Another thing that Edith is really keen on is doing activities. She particularly enjoys painting and colouring. I have many of Edith's creations around the house, some of my favourites being from our leaf painting in the garden. 

Edith's firsts and development


Edith's development in the last 6 months have been wonderful to see. She has come on so much, especially with socialising. She loves being able to play with other children now, and really engages with them. We have had so many play dates with Keira and Thea and Laura and Emily, and I really think that it has encouraged Edith to want to play with other children her age. 

Speech and communication

Edith's speech is really starting to come on, especially over the past month. Edith started off as being quite reserved with her speech, but she seems to just pick up words and then will shout them at us and leave us wondering when she learnt them!

We have always read to Edith since she was born, even if we're not necessarily always reading the words in the book, we will also talk about whats going on in the pages. I think reading is really important for children's development, and I think it's played a really big part in Edith's comprehension. 

As well as Edith's speech, her comprehension, I think, is particularly advanced. She can understand a number of instructions at one time, and will follow them through. She always seems to understand what I'm saying to her, and will often point or do something to show me that she has understood what I've said.

Edith has also mastered to ask for things that she wants, especially when she's hungry. She will often ask for a snack, her favourites being crispies or a biscuit!

In addition to asking for things, Edith is starting to understand that she needs to be cleaned if she has a dirty nappy, and will come up to us to show us that she wants her nappy changed...hang tight on potty training updates in a few months!

Edith's first trip to Chessington World of Adventures

Physical development

Edith has, of course been walking now since she was 10 months old, however, she is much more sturdy on her feet to what she was back then. Of course, she is my daughter and always wanted to run before she could walk! 

We are currently in the process of teaching Edith how to jump, which is possibly one of my favourite things to watch her do. Before she's ready to try, she bops up and down on the spot, before attempting to get her feet off of the ground and it is the cutest thing!

As I said with Edith's favourites, she absolutely loves doing puzzles. It seems over the last few weeks, Edith has really grasped the skill of being able to slot things into the right place, and definitely enjoys the praise once she does. 

Edith's (and my) first trip to Brighton Pier earlier this year

Mealtimes and breastfeeding

Edith is such a foodie, it's crazy. I've never known a child her age to enjoy eating as much as she does. It doesn't matter if she's just eaten a meal, she can always squeeze in an extra snack or a pudding (that's my girl!). It's a real pleasure to watch if I'm honest, because Max and I love food, so it's nice to see her being able to enjoy eating with us. 

During the day, Edith will eat three main meals, as well as whatever snacks she can get her little hands on. During mealtimes, she is always given cutlery which she has recently mastered. Gone are the days where I help Edith with her spoons and forks, because she has gone Miss. Independent on me!

In terms of breastfeeding, Edith is still going. We definitely don't feed as much, or as often anymore. Edith will start and end the day day with a feed from me, and sometimes during the day, depending on whether she wants comfort. However, Edith has been sleeping through the night since she transitioned to her own room, so we have completely cut her night feeds. My plan is to go allow her to wean herself over the next 6 months, before we stop breastfeeding. Whether she chooses to stop next month, or right up until she's 2, I don't know but I think she will be done by then. 

What's next?

Edith's development always throws me, because it seems to come in spurts where suddenly she has learnt something new, and will just begin showing off her new skills. 
I wonder what new skills Edith will have surprised me with in her Two Year Old Update (that sounds weird... in 6 months, I'll have a two year old!).

Thanks, lovelies.


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