Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

It's no secret that I absolutely love autumn. Of course, I love summer too, like most people, but there's something that I find soothing for my soul during autumn. The crispy, falling leaves and the cooler weather, are just some of my favourite things about the season.

I thought I'd round up my summer with a bunch of things that we've done as a family, and things that I've enjoyed watching and reading, etc...

What we've been up to

We seem to have squeezed so much more into summer than I ever thought we would have. Edith has had a wonderful summer, and it's been her first one where she's been mobile which has made it really special for us.

If you've been following my reflections posts, then you'll have seen that we have been here, there and everywhere. So, I won't go into the nitty gritty of that!

However, we have absolutely had one of the nicest summers this year filled with lots of family days, play dates and activities. We have also had our fair share of chilling days, which are always welcome after a busy few!

What I've been watching

Talking of chill days, I can't wait for my blankets to start making a reappearance on my sofas, because I just love getting cosy, with a hot cuppa and watching something on the cliche of me!

Throughout the summer I've watched new things, continued with series that have come back and rewatched some of my favourites. Some of the things that I've watched that stand out for me are:


Obviously one of my absolute favourite programmes, that I've ended up re-watching just because. I love the characters, I love the settings, I love the costumes and I love the story. I don't think I'll ever get bored of it, so i decided to rewatch it ready for season 5 coming in early 2020 on Amazon Prime.

If you're in to period/fantasy/romance then give Outlander a go!

Workin' Moms

I love, love, love Workin' Moms. Although the episodes aren't necessarily always relatable, they are funny. 
Season 3 hasn't long been made available on Netflix UK, so I am now up to date with all of the episodes available on there...oops! 

It's an easy watch with some funny characters, as well as some relatable content about motherhood. 

Love Island

Obviously, reality TV wouldn't be right without the annual series of Love island. I actually enjoyed this year, although a lot of it seemed scripted, I did prefer this season to last years. 

Now to wait until next year...

Teen Mom UK

One of my very guilty pleasures. I've always watched programmes like this especially since 16 and Pregnant aired, to then follow on to Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, but I have really loved the most up to date series of Teen Mom UK. 

I go through stages of enjoying these series, but I have shamefully been enjoying a little too much reality TV!

The Great British Bake Off

Let's all rejoice the fact that Bake Off is finally back! 

I love sitting in the evening and watching Bake Off (what is my life?), especially once Edith is in bed, because I can get out my snacks in peace and eat through them without having the share. I think there's an unwritten rule that everyone that watches Bake Off, must have a snack whilst watching!

What I've been reading

Now, I'm not a huge reader, but when I find a book that I particularly enjoy, then I get really stuck in and read it quite quickly. So, I thought it be worth mentioning the handful of books that I've read over the summer.

The Flatshare - Beth O'Leary

I absolutely loved reading this book. I'm normally somewhat cautious with lovey-dovey books, but I really got pulled in to Tiffy and Leon's world. 

The characters were relatable, and great to read about and follow their journeys. If I'm honest, I couldn't put it down and constantly wanted to pick it up just for a chapter (yeah, right!). 

The Hating Game - Sally Thorne

After finishing up the Flatshare, I was on the look out for some more books of a similar genre. Then I came across The Hating Game. I won't lie, I didn't enjoy this book. I found Lucy's character to be very annoying and childish, so I just didn't love the book.

You - Caroline Kepnes

This is the book, for which the series on Netflix is based on. I was actually recommended to read this by Laura, who is a book fanatic, so definitely check out her reading updates here

Anyway, I loved the series, and made the mistake of watching it first before reading the book. Having said that, I really enjoyed the book. Joe's character was much creepier in the book, and some parts of the book made by stomach turn, just because of how his character is. 

The Friend Zone - Abby Jimenez

This was my absolute favourite read, of the year I think. I just loved the relationship between Kristen and Josh. I loved the romance elements, but also the emotional rollercoasters that were thrown in, but fit perfectly. 

I can't really put into words just how much I enjoyed this book, so I'll leave it at that.

I can't wait for Abby Jimenez's next book!

Anyway, that's a little round up of what I've been up to with my family, what I've been watching and what I've been reading. 

Have you had any favorite programmes/films/books this year? I'd love to know in the comments!

Thanks, lovelies.


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