June Favourites - A Reflection On June 2019

Sometimes, we need to appreciate the good things in life. Social media is a fantastic tool to be able to share our thoughts and feelings, but sometimes I find it so negative. So, after seeing my gorgeous friend Laura's post about some of the things that she's loved in June, I thought I'd join in and write one too. 

I think it's nice to be able to document some of the nice days out, that don't necessarily get their own blog post. So, here's what I've been loving in June 2019...

Strawberry Picking

I bang on about family so much, but there's nothing I don't enjoy more than being able to spend time as a family. Sometimes much to Max's dismay, I always have something planned at the weekend. I definitely try to seize the moment and make sure that we are up to something nice. 

So this month, I decided to look into strawberry picking. I'd never been before, but I thought it sounded like a nice couple of hours and I just knew that Edith would love it. It's safe to say that it's become a new tradition!

Center Parcs

This month we had our new annual trip to Center Parcs with my Mum's side of the family. We had the best time, especially because Edith absolutely loved being able to take part in lots of activities and and everyone had something that we could do and enjoy. It was a definite highlight of June 2019!

I'd have to say that my favourite activity that I booked onto this time, for myself, was definitely the Bollywood Dancing session that my Mum and I booked on to. It was completely out of our comfort zone, and I remember my Mum being an absolute mess beforehand as she was so worried about doing it. We came out of the studio on a high. We had so much fun, and it was so lovely to see my Mum loving it too! It was a perfect way for us to spend some Mum & Daughter Time.

Blogging & Social Media

This month, I have felt so motivated with my internet space and have loved sharing some new content - both written and photos. 

I know some people have a real love/hate relationship with Instagram but even though the algorithm has been kicking my bum, so to speak, it has actually been fun getting some new photos up there and sharing parts of my life. 

Here's a list of some of my favourite blog posts that I've written this month:

Watching Edith develop

This is one that will probably pop up every time I write one of these posts, but this month she seems to have made such a big leap in her development. 

Center Parcs seems like it was a big learning curve for Edith. She was brilliant. Her communication has really come on, not necessarily with her speech but she is really communicating with us when she wants something. Either by making more of an attempt at speech, or bringing us things that she wants or pointing. It's been really lovely to see her personality shining through at the same time, as she's really shaping in to a little girl now!

Edith absolutely loves animals. This month has proved that. She gets so excited when she sees pigeons outside and will grin from cheek to cheek as well as waving at the 'dird'. 

We have had 5 new teeth this month (4 of them being molars) and she's been amazing whilst they've come through. We had a few poorly days, but she still wanted to be playing and engaging and we've had a big development leap with transitioning her to her own room. I'm so proud of her!

Sunshine days

It's a given that the sun just brightens my mood, whether it's a beautifully hot day or whether its blinding winter sun. 
The last weekend of June was so wonderful. We spent time with some of our family, and you could see just how much Edith was having a lovely time. 

We also popped to a small zoo for the afternoon. Edith just loves looking and seeing animals, although I do wish we had opted for a farm trip instead. Perhaps that's on the horizon for July!

So, there we have some of my favourite things of June. I wonder what July will bring?

How has your month of June been?

Thanks, lovelies.



  1. I love this!! So happy you took some time to reflect on the month, it’s good for the soul. I love how you’ve shared the blog posts you enjoyed writing too, I might steal that idea for next time!

  2. I love the idea of a post just for the small moments that don't quite get their own post but you want to celebrate them anyway. Now I'm feeling inspired. Thank you. x

  3. June has been full packed here as well.
    I love the concept of this post, little moments, achievements or just a moment to be enjoyed. So much to be grateful for!