July Favourites - A Reflection Of July 2019

I really loved the idea of writing about some of the things that I've enjoyed over the past month, especially after writing my June reflection. It's a really nice way to have sort of an online diary, and it's just nice to sit here and think about some of the things that we've done this month.

Alton Towers

I couldn't not mention our trip to Alton Towers to meet Laura and Emily, now could I?! We had such a lovely day! 

The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I think it's the first time that Edith has actually been willing to play with Emily without much prompting, and they actually held hands. My fragile heart couldn't take the cuteness!

The girls both had a nap during the day which gave Laura and me and chance to have a proper catch up, without having to have half a conversation whilst we sort the girls out. We went on all of the Cbeebies Land rides, and Emily and Edith absolutely loved them! I think the highlight for Edith was either the Treetop ride or the In The Night Garden boat ride!

Family time

We have seen a lot of my family this month, which has been gorgeous. We started by having a BBQ at one of my cousin's house, which was lovely to see everyone and get together.

We also visited my mum and some of my siblings, which was really lovely to see Edith enjoying herself with them. We don't get to see them in person often, even though we Facetime every day. However, it makes it so much sweeter when we do get to see them!

We also had a family wedding that we went to, but more on that in a minute!

Baby-free time

Say what?! That's right. Max and I actually had a date to the cinema, just the two of us! It felt so strange leaving Edith, even if it was only for a few hours. It was the first time that neither of us had been with Edith. As lovely as it was to spend some time with my husband, I don't think we're in a rush to head out again too soon!

Hot weather

The weather has been glorious this month, hasn't it? I mean, we did have a couple of very hot days, which weren't very comfortable, but on the whole, the month of July has seen some lovely weather. With that in mind, it's been great to be able to be outside in the garden, especially with Edith's new paddling pool! 

Edith is very much an outside girl now, and loves exploring around in the garden. We have a vegetable patch in our garden, which she has loved helping herself to, especially the raspberries! As the weather has been hot, it has given us the perfect opportunity to be outside every day. Edith has loved it!

Ding Dong - Wedding Bells!

Lastly, but definitely not least, we were invited to celebrate my cousin's wedding day with her and her new husband! 

I cannot put into words how lovely the day was! They truly thought of everything, and it was so wonderful to be a part of their special day. Edith, of course, had a great time and particularly loved the mini golf, as well as being able to run around for most of the day. Poor Max ended up outside for a lot of it as Edith seemed to have ants in her pants and did not want to sit still through the ceremony or speeches!


I have been trying to do more activities with Edith at home, whether it be something in the house or in the garden. My favourite was definitely leaf painting in he garden. Edith absolutely loved this activity which was such a joy to see!

Tropical Birdland

Keira and I decided that we should go to Tropical Birdland so, we took a trip with the girls and our husbands, where they met for the first time, which was so good! Edith absolutely loved being able to feed the birds, and had absolutely no fear at all. One nipped her, but she wasn't bothered in the slightest. She was demanding more nuts to feed them with! 

We all had such a lovely time, that I wonder what our next family adventure will be together!

Overall, July has been a very happy month, although there were a few stresses added in, however they are not my favourites so I won't divulge, after all, I want to remember the positives in life and not focus on the negatives!

Do you have any favourite things that you've done in July?

Thanks, lovelies.


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