Edith's favourite things - July 2019

Everyone knows that children chop and change with their likes and dislikes, as quickly as you can turn on and off a tap. So, I thought it would be a nice idea, almost like an online diary, of some of the things that Edith is currently enjoying.

*none of the products/toys in this post are gifted*


A few months ago, I met up with Laura and she convinced me that Edith needed a baby to play with. I wasn't so sure because, yes although, it would have been cute for her to have one, whenever she has met other young babies, she's turned her nose up and was very disinterested. So, you can imagine my shock/delight when she's heavily taken to it. 

Those that know Edith will know that she had 'Bear' (we are very imaginative with Edith's toy's names...), and it seriously went everywhere with her. There were multiple times that we would be out eating, and Edith would be force feeding her bear (garlic bread on a soft toy absolutely stinks!). So, now she has ditched poor Bear for her beloved baby. She loves pretending to push her baby around, and pats her back. It's so cute! She still isn't keen on other little babies though!


Again, thanks Laura...
Dolly, is a Christmas elf that Laura bought Edith for Christmas, but it was a belated gift that Edith got in April when we met up. So, very much out of season but Edith loves her Dolly. It doesn't see the world quite as much as Baby does, but I'd say it was a close second with her favourite toys!

Baby shark do do do do do do

Isn't this the song that all parents just despair at? It honestly drives me bonkers
We don't encourage Edith to watch TV, mainly because I don't want her to rely on technology. During the day, I don't have the TV on for long, but I can't even remember how it all started but then Baby Shark came into our lives...

I'll put it bluntly, Edith is obsessed. Whenever she wakes up she starts doing the hand movements for the dance, and will run over to Alexa to show me that she wants me to play the song for her. She will then bop up and down and will try to perform the dance moves. We have recently bought her a Baby Shark toy which, of course, plays the song when you press it. Great!

Noisy Farm Animals Book

Edith has always loved her books, and her favourites seem to change quickly, especially when she gets a new one. She has several that seem to always come back in rotation, like 'Baby Faces', 'Where's Bear?', and 'The Gruffalo'. However, Since Center Parcs, Edith has been heavily into animals. She just goes crazy whenever she sees a bird (normally pigeons), and she absolutely loves ducks. So, when I saw the noisy animals book in the shop, I showed her it and her face just lit up (I'm a pushover for that smile!). She likes to just keep pressing the noises over, and over, and over, and you get my drift!

Going upstairs

For a few months now, we take Edith up into her room to do her play activities in there, so she sees going upstairs as a treat and it's so lovely to see her run towards the stair gate shouting 'stairs!'. She likes to be in her room and going through her cupboards looking for 'ba-ba' (bubbles). Her room has definitely become one of her favourite places in the house which is why I think making the transition to her room was so smooth!

Feeding the ducks

I mentioned earlier that Edith absolutely loves ducks, and I'd say that they were potentially her favourite animals, aside from cats. She goes wild for them and will want to feed them at every opportunity. She's very sweet when it comes to ducks, or any animal really and will wave 'hello' at them to try to encourage them to come near her. 

We visited Alton Towers with Laura, and whilst we were having a picnic, a lone duck came up to Edith (you can imagine her delight) and she tried to feed the duck one of her crisps, and before I could stop her, the duck had come up and pinched it from her hand! Edith was a bit put out by being nipped by a duck, but then quickly asked for it to come back and continued waving to it, so I don't think she's been put off just yet!

Daddy's home!

Whenever Max comes home from work, Edith always greets him at the window before he comes through the door. Whenever I say to her 'your daddy's home!' she squeals with excitement and runs to the window where she waits for me to pick her up, whilst she's shouting 'there!'. It's so lovely to see her getting excited to see him. I'm sure he would agree too!

So that about sums up Edith's favourite things for now. I wonder what the next things that she loves will be?

Does your child have any favourite things at the moment?

Thanks, lovelies.


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