Things To Do At Center Parcs With Under 2's

It's no secret that Center Parcs is a doing holiday. There is little time for relaxing around the pool, or being stuck without anything to do. Center Parcs is a busy holiday, and there are so many different activities to do, even with children. In fact, I'd say that Center Parcs is up there in the top places to go on holiday with children.

As I've said, there are so many things to do with children there, but how many things are age appropriate for under 2's?

The different activities will vary depending on what Center Parcs Park you're visiting, so make sure you check at the one you are staying at, or the one you are looking to book!

Baby balance bike buddy - minimum age 10 months

Before going on holiday, we signed Edith up to this because we thought she'd enjoy it. The activity was really well presented for little ones to hop on some ride along trikes, with obstacles all around for them to try and tackle. I think Edith was quite overwhelmed with it all, as shes quite a quiet girl so I think this is one that we will definitely try again in the hopes that she enjoys it more!

Helmets are included if your little one will keep it on, and there are different songs to sing at the beginning and end of the activity to introduce, and say goodbye to the other children taking part.

Baby Bollywood - 18 months -3 years

This is only available at Longleat Forest, and I so wish it was available at Elveden because I would have loved to have taken Edith along!

Care of Magical Creatures - minimum 2 years

Only available at Whinfell Forest. This is another that I think Edith would have loved had it been available when we visited. Edith absolutely loves animals so I think she would have really enjoyed getting up close with animals that she might not be used to seeing!

Creche - 24-35 months

Creche - 3months -23 months

It's worth checking out about the creche if there are some activities that you'd like to do that you can't involve your child, or there are deals where you can combine it with visiting the spa! 

It means the children will be able to enjoy themselves without the parents feeling guilty!

Fun Pots With Tots - 1 month - 5 yrs

We did this the first time we visited Center Parcs, when Edith was only 12 weeks old (where's my dinky baby gone?) and it was great! 

I love pottery painting anyway, but being able to be in an environment where it was especially catered for the younger guests was great! It didn't really matter if Edith cried or stirred as everyone else was in the same position with their young babies/children. 

Fun Zone - Elveden - 8 months - 4 years

This involves lots of different soft play activities and different bits of play equipment in a safe and fun environment. Edith has not taken part in this, but I'm sure it will be one that she would enjoy next time!

Mucky Pups - 18 months - 3 yrs

Edith was just a bit too young this time to be booked onto Mucky Pups, but the layout and the activities looked great! From what I could see, there were different stations with different activities such as sticking, painting, water play and digging in sand. 

This is a definite for next year!

Family Photography Shoot

I love family photos, so I was really tempted to book us onto a family shoot. The rain was so heavy when we were away though, that I was worried we'd all look like drowned rats in the photos, so perhaps it's one for our next trip. 

I think it's a nice keepsake to be able to have from your holidays.

Sensory Play Babies & Toddlers - 2-12 months & 13 - 36 months

Edith has now taken part in both the baby and toddler sessions and it's safe to say that she enjoyed them both times! 

I think it's a great idea to have two separate sessions for different age groups, plus it allows different toys to be bought out that are age appropriate. This is a lovely session to break the day up, and for the much younger ones to enjoy. I'd definitely recommend if you're visiting with your baby or toddler, but just make sure you book onto the right age group session!

Swim Pups - 3 months-2 years

This was one that I didn't know existed for the younger children. There is also a 2 year+ group which I think we will definitely consider for Edith next time. 

I like the idea that there are swim activities that are appropriate for young babies, so this could be a good idea for people to book on if they are considering long-term baby swim classes!


Go for a walk

This is a given when going to somewhere at Center Parcs. I find it so peaceful taking a nice walk around the park and enjoying all of the different nature sounds, and taking in the fresh air - cliche isn't it?

Hire a bike

I guess this is sort of like an activity, but it's still a good chance to be able to enjoy the outdoors with your family without having to pay out too much, or even better you could take your own bike!

Had the weather been better, we would definitely have hired bikes for our holiday as I absolutely loved it when we've been to Center Parcs previously! Plus, we could have hired a bike with a toddler trailer at the back!

Visit the beach (Elveden Forest)

I absolutely love the beach at Elveden (I'm not sure if the other parks have a small beach - let me know in the comments?!). In true brit style, we popped to the beach in the rain and Edith loved it!

It would have, of course, been nicer had the sun been out so that we could have soaked up the sun a little bit, but we made the best of the weather that we had!

Go for a swim

This is a given isn't it with a Center Parcs trip?!

The swimming facilities are fantastic, and there really is something for every one - a warm pool, kids splash area, water slides and outdoor pools. What more could you want? 

This was one of Edith's favourite things to do, which was such a pleasure to enjoy with her. We loved it!

Visit the park

There are two big play areas at Elveden, both having different things in for mixed ages to enjoy. It's great if you want a bit of time out where children can just run around and blow off some steam!

Is there anything in this post that I've missed that you have enjoyed doing with your little ones at Center Parcs? Or anything in this list that you'd love to let them try? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks, lovelies.

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