Things I Said I Wouldn't Do As A Dad But Do - Dad's Edition

Before becoming a parent, everyone has the idea of what they will and won't do with their child. Things that they won't allow their children do, but pre-baby, it's easy to say what you would or wouldn't do, but it's not until reality hits that things change! 

A few months ago, I wrote about some of the things that I said that I wouldn't do as a mum but do. So this week, as part of Dad's Edition, I have asked Max to write about some of the things that he said that he wouldn't do as a parent, but does. 

Worrying about her all the time

I think this is the most normal thing for a parent to do and I'd like to think I'm not as quite as worrisome as Amy, but I can't help panicking when she runs headlong up a path with arms wobbling behind her that she’s going to trip and hurt herself. When she was younger, I'd do the thing where you stand over them in the night to try and see/hear if they are breathing. As she gets older I worry that she's been silent in the hallway for a little bit too long or find myself shouting across the room ‘what are you eating!?’. I think this is just a part of being a dad. There is plenty that I can be relaxed about but when it comes to Edith I just want her to be the happy and preferably grow up without injuries!

Letting her play with my things 

My phone especially. It started as just letting her take selfies with me or playing a kids game. But now, I constantly have to chase her around the room to retrieve it (which she finds hilarious). She’s quite happy to just hold it and scroll through whatever’s on the screen, although she has left a few nonsensical comments and called people over the last year! 

If I’ve left it on the arm of the chair, I can guarantee she’ll spot it from her pile of toys and beeline towards it. The amount of times Edith has given it back, to find it locked it, or she has somehow got into the depths of the settings, changing Siri or deleted an app. Being a parent means nothing is sacred anymore, but I couldn’t be happier as I get to spend it with her. Although, sometimes it'd be nice to watch the TV and not have her change it to static or turn off the volume at the best bit!

Sharing food

It starts off small but as she's grown up and her appetite has grown she takes more and more of a share, I guess we are lucky that she’s quite willing to try stuff but it seems only if we are the ones eating it! I can't complain too much, as it works both ways. I used to hate the idea of getting messy but now I find myself eating food that she offers me from her plate, sometimes half eaten. It sounds gross because sometimes it is, but she's so kind to offer things and share that i'm willing to overlook it!

Changing my schedule

I used to be a big sleeper and would love to have a lay in at the weekend but that just doesn't happen anymore (part of the fact is that Edith is still in the room and if I don't get up early enough, she'll just end up waking the both of us up). I also changed from waking up at half 7 for work to around 6 and working earlier and coming home earlier to spend more time with both Edith and Amy. It was hard changing initially, but now I don't even notice it. It's one of the things I'd say you get to used to most easily is the change in your sleep schedule. It's only the odd night when Edith is up every hour that really gets to me. It benefits me as well, I get to miss all the commuter traffic and I get to be home at a reasonable time for dinner and to spend some family time together!

Is there anything that you said that you wouldn't do as a dad but do?


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