Our New Family Tradition - Spring Edition

Way back in autumn, I wrote a post about starting our own autumn family traditions which involved some pumpkins! However, this spring/summer I wanted to write a post about what I hope will continue to be a sunny and warm family tradition for us. 

Center Parcs Annual trip 

It's no secret that we absolutely love Center Parcs, and it was our first family holiday destination, so it really does have some special memories there. This year, we had such a lovely time, especially with Edith being older, she was so much more into the whole experience which was such a joy for our whole party to see. 

I do think that our last trip has made us want to make our Center Parcs holidays into an annual thing. I don't live close to my mum, but we are very close so it's a great opportunity to have that side of my family together for a period of time. Especially when we book our lodges next door to each other so that we can pop around the back if we need to.

As soon as we get home, we are itching to start booking another Center Parcs trip, and it just so happens that we are going back next year. I told you, family tradition!

Strawberry picking 

Last year, we tried out pumpkin picking. We had a great time, even though Edith was very small. This year, we will definitely be going again because we just know that she will love being able to choose her own pumpkin and wandering around the pumpkin patch.

Anyway, I had seen that the same farm that we had been to had a strawberry field where you could pick your own. I instantly knew that we had to take Edith there. Plus, I had never been strawberry picking before. It's one of those things that I've always fancied doing, but never got the chance really!

I had a very proud mummy moment walking around the field because Edith just loved being able to wander, point and choose which strawberries that she wanted. We gave Edith her own punnet to fill up, which she thought was great. However, she did try picking up some lone, squashed strawberries around the field to which she didn't appreciate us telling her that she could not have them!

Family memories

It's doing little annual days out like these that I just love. I love being able to do comparison photos to look back on. Although they can be bittersweet, especially when I can see how quickly Edith is growing into a little girl, rather than a baby girl!

I just want to soak up as many memories that I can as a family, and to give Edith experiences that will hopefully help shape her into the person that she will be.

Do you have any family traditions?

Thanks, lovelies.


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