Mum's Guide To Her Favourite Daily Beauty Products

I spend a lot of my time on here, mainly talking about my motherhood experiences, but one thing that I think that was missing on my blog was some beauty product talk. 

It's no secret that I enjoy doing my make-up, and doing my nails, so I thought I'd seize the moment and write about some of my favourite beauty products that make up my make-up regime on the daily. 


My skin is not a fan of moisturiser, so I don't actually moisturise my face after cleansing in the mornings. It just seems to clog my pores up and makes my face super oily, so it's a no from me. However, before I start with my foundation, I always, always, always use my favourite primer and also my highlighter cream that can serve as a primer too. 

My absolute favourite is the Airbrush Away Primer by No.7 at Boots. The highlighter cream that I mentioned is the Skin Illuminator also by No.7 at Boots.

To apply both of them, I simply use my fingers and then pop on the primer before the illuminator. They both feel so smooth to put on, and I couldn't imagine my beauty regime without them.


As part of my every day make-up, I do like to mix it up in the week with my foundation, as I find that my skin gets complacent. So, I'll list some of my favourites:

Estee Lauder Double Wear
(shades Ecru and Ivory Nude depending on whether it's summer or winter!)

No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation -
(Shades Warm Ivory or Calico also depending on whether it's summer or winter)

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation
(shade Calico)

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup -
(Shade Fresh Ivory)

The weather really impacts what foundation I opt for. If it's sunny and hot, I opt for the Double Wear, whereas cooler days I'll go for either the No.7 or the Clinique.
I find that Double Wear lasts the longest without needing any topping up at all throughout the day, and it also gives the fuller coverage out of my favourites. So, it really depends on what kind of look I fancy on the day!


We all know that mums get eye bags pretty bad. I mean, mine are darker than they have ever been in my life, but then again, my sleep is at it's worst that it's ever been since becoming a mum. So, concealer over my foundation is my absolute best friend. My daily make-up isn't finished without slapping it over my face. 

I do use two different shades, for different parts of my face, but I use the same brand for both. My favourite is Maybelline's Eraser Eye Concealer in shades Ivory and Light


I know that this is a personal preference for some, and for me it is an absolute must. I have particularly oily skin when I have products on my face, and the last thing that I want is for my make up to run down my face - yuck

So, I must wear a powder to help set my foundation. My favourite, and only one that I now use, is the No.7 Perfect Light Loose Powder in Translucent

I used to opt for a pressed powder, but I've found that Loose is so much easier to work with and lasts so much longer!

Bronzer & Blush

I used to be dubious of bronzer, and would avoid it at all costs. I am pretty fair skinned, and so I was somewhat scared of using a bronzer. However, my opinion soon changed after Benefit released their 'Lite' version of their best-selling Hoola Bronzer. I now couldn't imagine my daily make-up application without it!

As for blushers, I stick with No.7 (do you sense a theme here?). I did get colour matched for my foundations, and so No.7 provide handouts that show what bronzer, blush and lipstick colours suit their foundation tones which is very helpful!

I also have a choice between two colours that are my favourite which are:

No 7 Match Made Powder Blusher - Damson Mist 
(I use this in winter/autumn)

No.7 Match Made Powder Blusher - Peach Velvet
(I use this in spring/summer)


I only use one highlighter which again, is by No.7. I currently use, and have done for a long time, Instant Radiance Highlighter. It lasts for ages, and is so smooth to go on. I absolutely love it. 

I just can't get on with powdered highlighters, so this stick is perfect!


I have tried so many products on my sparse brows, but my one and only favourite for colour and coverage is the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade (shade - Dark Brown). It's waterproof, smudge proof and lasts all day. It stays perfect in the heat, which is brilliant. Does anyone want half a brow to go missing during the day? 

To help set it further into place, I love Benefit's 24 Hour Brow Setter. It's completely clear, and is perfect for keeping those stray hairs in place.


This is one that I always have comments on. In reality, my lashes are not thick, full or long, however with the right mascara, they absolutely can be.

My most favourite has got to be Benefit's Rollerlash. It's perfect. I don't need to use a lash curler at all, it glides on with minimal effort and it curls my lashes at the same time. It gives me the fullness that I love and also gives me the length. 

Another favourite of mine, which comes in close second is Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara. I've found that I don't necessarily get the best curl, without a curler, but it gives me the fullness and isn't clumpy at all.

Make-up Setting Spray

Ok, so I know that I mentioned that I like to use a powder to set my foundation in place, but what about the rest of my face? 

I love NYX's Make Up Setting Spray in Matte Finish. If I'm having an oily face day, then a couple of sprays during the day sorts me out, however I don't usually need to do it if I apply it straight after I've finished my brows, never after I've done my mascara!

So there we have it, those are my favourite every day make-up products that I couldn't imagine not using!

Do you have any favourite products?

Thanks, lovelies.



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