Keeping Myself Organised As A Mum

As a mum, it seems it's my job to keep the family organised. I'm the one that mostly does the planning, the preparation and the time-keeping. Max, sometimes unwillingly, is the designated driver, so he gets us from A to B, but I'm the one that makes the executive decision for when we are going to leave, and aim to arrive, etc.

So, how do I keep everyone organised all of the time?

I never used to think of myself as someone that needed to have things visually written, or drawn, or whatever, in front of me but it turns out that I do. I need to be able to see what plans I've made, and when I've made them, written down in front of me. 

How many calendars?!

I have three main calendars that I use and update, more if you count the shared calendars that I have in my phone. It seems the more I write something down, them more likely I am to have it embedded in my brain, so I'll actually remember. I'm pretty sure I'm still suffering with baby brain, and Edith is one now. Can I still make that excuse?

Phone Calendars

So, I keep the calendars in my phone, which are colour coded, based on who the plans apply to. For example, my personal plans are red, Edith's are pink and Max's are green. 

Within my phone calendar, I also have shared versions that I have with Max, or with my mum which means that we can put in plans that we have together that we can see on our own devices. This is a particular necessity for Max and I as it means he can't blame me for not telling him about any plans that I may have made!


I keep a diary, but not the kind where I start off each entry as 'Dear Diary...'. I like to have this hanging around where I can write in plans, or a basic entry of whether I went anywhere on the day. I find it useful if I'm having a forgetful moment that I can work out what I did on a particular day. 

My diary is particularly handy for writing down ideas that spring to mind for blog posts, or writing down what days I have posts scheduled for, etc. Basically, I just write down whatever pops into my head that I might find helpful to remember later on.

Hanging Calendar

Now, in the kitchen I have always had a day-to-day planner, which also used to be colour coded based on whose plans they were, but I ran out of my chalk pens and decided to buy a family organiser planner instead, especially since Edith will need her own section now, plus it is a week by week entry rather than the whole month. Perfect!

My family organiser is hanging in the kitchen for both Max and I to see when we need to. It has family and friend's birthdays written down, as well as plans, appointments and special days. 

Our calendar has 4 different sections - Mine, Max's, Edith's and the cats. After writing all of this down, perhaps I'm too organised. Is there such a thing?

Days out

Planning with a child takes so much more effort, because on days out I'm very aware that we need to factor in bum changes, feeds, lunch breaks, etc. Edith is obviously not at the age where she can tell us that she needs all of these things, so it usually falls down to me to make sure we remember. 

Before we go anywhere, I tend to make sure I have the necessities already packed for Edith, and then I'm out making lists of any foods that we need to buy, to take before we go anywhere. I try to make sure that everything is ready on the night before we go anywhere just to make my life easier in the morning. There are, of course, times where I forget things, to which Max likes to ask me 'well, why didn't you bring X?' which obviously goes down very well to the person that has to organise everything, all of the time!

As for when we are out and about, I make a mental note of rough times when we should think about taking a break, or roughly when Edith will want some milk or some snacks or lunch. 

On the whole, I like to think of myself as an organised person, and now after writing this post, I think that it's safe to say that I am, and if not a little bit crazy with it!

How do you keep yourself organised?

Thanks, lovelies.


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  1. I LOVE how organised you are, because it makes up for how completely unorganised I am when it comes to day trips. After reading this I've realised you must find me so frustrating (especially when we steal your snacks). I love the idea of having a colour coded calendar but whenever I ask Jordan to write anything down for me he goes 'it's all in my phone, why do I need to' - errr because I can't see your phone and if I know your shifts it means I can plan things!