Holiday List Essentials For A Baby

I am an organised person, and I like to feel like I've done all that I can to make sure that I am organised. Crazy, maybe?

Anyway, when going on holiday, the crazy organised person in me really comes out. I have lists upon lists, to tick and check before we go anywhere for an extended length of time. My essentials have certainly changed over the years, but even more so with a toddler. 
We have been away a few times with Edith, so the essentials that I usually take have become pretty standard for us. Some of the extras have minimised a bit, mainly because I don't need as many changes of clothes for Edith, as I might have done when she was only a few months old, etc.


This is a given, right? However, I think depending on how many outfits your child goes through at home, will depend on how many you need per day in cases of emergencies. 

In addition to general outfits, I now pack Edith's pyjamas (one per night as shes a sweaty baby!), socks, cardigans, a coat (depending on the time of year), a hat and her shoes.

In terms of packing, I tend to pack one outfit per day, with an extra outfit just in cases of accidents or messy dinners. 


Edith doesn't wear bibs during the day, and she hasn't ever either, so the only bibs that I pack for a trip away are her long sleeved ones for dinner time. Edith is a messy eater, and does enjoy swishing her food around on her plate, much to my dismay. 

In packing terms, I pack one long-sleeved bib per main dinner meal that we have when we are away. At lunch times, I tend to stick to her easy wipe down bapron. 

Thermometer, Calpol and Red Book

I don't know if this is something that every parent does, but it is definitely something that I do every single time that I go away. 

Edith suffers quite badly with teething, and so her temperature will creep up if she has a molar coming through. I like to be prepared in cases of all eventualities and I like to be able to see if her temperature is back to normal, or if she needs any more pain relief. 

I'm not really sure that I need to take her red book with us, but I like to pack it just in case we have an unexpected hospital trip whilst we are away. You can never be too prepared, in my opinion. Sure, it's another thing to make sure I remember to take back home, but generally I don't unpack it. It just stays in our luggage just in case. 

Nappies & Wipes

If we are away on holiday in England, and we run out of nappies it isn't the end of the world. We could go to a local shop and grab some more. However, if we are abroad, then I need to make sure that I have enough to see us through during our trip. I'm a stick to what I know type of person, so I'm not keen on buying any brands, just in case they have a reaction with Edith's sensitive skin.

As for wipes, we have only ever used Waterwipes on Edith, because 1. they are so wet and clean, and 2. they last for ages! We normally only need one pack plus one pack that lives in the changing bag. 


This isn't the be all or end all, but I do like to have some of Edith's favourite snacks with us. I find it particularly helpful if she gets hungry during a car trip, then I can just hand her small pieces (with my supervision next to her, of course!). Even when we are unpacked at our destination, I think it's handy for us to have something that we know that she will eat. I find that Edith becomes slightly fussy when we go away anywhere, and won't necessarily eat as well as she does compared to when we are at home. 

So, if I take something that I know she eats every time, then I can't go too wrong!

Toys & books

Edith has become very attached to some of her toys. Her bear and her baby being particular favourites of hers. We don't tend to leave the house without at least one of them. However, when we are away, I like to take a small bag of her toys that she enjoys playing with to give her a sense of familiarity. 

Edith absolutely loves reading her books, and loves us reading them to her. She would quite happily spend a long time in book shops picking up all sorts of stories (something I'm quite proud of her of!), so we always make sure that she has some stories when we aren't at home. 

So, those are my absolute essentials when we are travelling anywhere.

Do you have holiday list staples that you take for your child?

Thanks, lovelies.


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