My Breastfeeding 'Fails'

For you guys that have followed my blog, you'll know that I am passionate about talking about all things breastfeeding. In the majority of my posts, you'll probably get an idea that my breastfeeding journey is always perfect, and honky dory, so to speak, but I thought I'd write a post about some of the less than perfect experiences that I've encountered on my breastfeeding journey...

Cracked boobs

I mean, the subtitle says it all really...ouch! It really wasn't the nicest of experiences, and I can honestly say I was ready to quit. I really never thought that things like that could happen, but there I was with lettuce down my bra with copious amounts of creams and heat packs settled on my sore tatas. 


Again, I think the subtitle sums it up pretty well, but I'll divulge. 

When Edith was just a few months old, I was alone with her at home, as Max was working away, and I just did not want to cook myself any dinner. Edith was only young, and so had not started weaning yet, so I didn't have to worry about feeding her anything other than breast milk. So, I thought 'I'll order myself a cheeky pizza!' It really felt like a treat to be able to have a pizza all to myself, and it was quick and easy that I could eat one handed if Edith really wanted feeding at the same time.

Edith chose her moment, and opted for feeding just as the pizza order tracker changed from 'baking' to 'out for delivery'. Mid feed, I had to unlatch Edith because the doorbell rang. My pizza had arrived, and I quickly answered the door to accept it. I had a very chirpy delivery man, which I thought was a rarity and I was most impressed with the happy service that I'd received. 

When I was inside the house, I realised my whole boob was just hanging out. There it was, in all it's glory, for the pizza man to see. I'm sure he wasn't expecting a tip like that, that's for sure! I was absolutely mortified that I'd forgotten to put myself away. I'll blame baby brain, I was a new mum after all...

Forgetting to do my bra back up

Sometimes, even after my pizza delivery incident, I forget to do my bra back up after a feed. I haven't ever forgotten to sort my top out first, since my little flashing episode, but I'm forever forgetting to re-clip my bra. It's really quite horrendous and not very comfortable to feel, and it definitely doesn't feel secure. 

There are times though where I just need to jump up from a feed, so my bra often becomes the last thing I think about. I'll kick myself when my boobs are sagging down to my ankles...


Yes. Exactly what it says - spraying. When Edith was young, and I was adjusting to my new boobs and their new job, I quickly learnt what a letdown was. I don't think I ever believed that breasts could really release that much milk in one go. How wrong I was! 

I was at one of our local shopping parks, in the food area, and Edith wanted feeding whilst Max went and bought some lunch for us. At the time, I was still having to carry a muslin cloth everywhere (luckily), and just as she had triggered my letdown, she decided to become distracted at the noise and pulled off. Milk flew everywhere. At the time, several people were walking past, and I don't think my reflexes have ever worked so quickly. Although I tried to act fast, milk hit myself in the face, Edith in the face and all over her head. It was horrendous, but I can laugh about it now. So, new breastfeeding mamas, never underestimate the power of the letdown!

Edith pulling at my tops

This is something that has come later in our breastfeeding journey. More often than not, when Edith wants feeding she will come and try to help herself. By that I mean that she will just come up to me and will try to pull my top down (not great when wearing a vest top). Much to other people's delight, it has become a frequent embarrassing thing to happen to me. 

Have you ever had any funny breastfeeding experiences?

Thanks, lovelies.


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