Finding The Right Maternity and Breastfeeding Bra - Working With Maybe & Baby Maternity*

*This post contains a gifted bra from Maybe & Baby Maternity, in exchange for an honest review.

Since finding out I was pregnant with Edith, I was so keen to learn as much information that I could about finding the right bra during pregnancy. Through my internet browsing, I'd come to understand that there were many do's and don't when it came to wearing bras when pregnant. 

I was also conscious that I'd want to be comfortable wearing underwear during pregnancy (is anyone really comfortable when pregnant? I'm not too sure). Anyway, I thought I was pretty clued up, but it turn out I was very wrong!

Wearing the right size

It's no secret that many women are often wearing the wrong size bra (it's actually around 80%!), but it's not always through lack of wanting to wear the wrong size, it's often that women don't want to go and be fit for a new bra, or they don't regularly have fittings. Personally, I think having a bra fitting is a very personal thing and more often than not, I've had negative experiences when I've gone into a shop that offers free fitting. I've always come away feeling useless that I've not been able to identify the correct fitting bra for my own boobs, or just somewhat deflated with how the service was.

This is where Maybe & Baby Maternity comes in. Chloe, the founder of Maybe & Baby Maternity offered me a free fitting to find the right breastfeeding bra. Chloe, solely works with pregnant and breastfeeding mamas to make sure that they get the most perfect fitting and comfortable bras for their journeys, which was already a massive improvement from my previous experiences with bra fittings. 

When being pregnant, your boobs change. When you're breastfeeding, your boobs change. So, it's so important to make sure you're wearing the right size for your body at the time. 

Finding the time

As a mum, finding the time to do anything without your little person tagging along, can be a rarity. I imagine this is one of the big reasons why mum don't go and get regular bra fittings. Does anyone really want to have a screaming baby in a changing room, or a toddler that runs out of the curtains for you to flash the world? I'm guessing, probably not. 

This is exactly what is perfect about Chloe. She offers mobile bra fittings, so to avoid those stressful shop experiences, she actually comes to your house after asking a few questions to make sure she has suitable bras to hand.

If I'm honest, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, as I'd never done anything like this before but I can't say enough about how much of an easy and lovely experience that I had.

About Maybe & Baby Maternity

Chloe, the founder of Maybe & Baby Maternity, offers bra fittings in Leicestershire and surrounding areas. However, if she is unable to get to you or your area, she does offer online bra fitting services via video or photos. As well as bra fittings in your own home.

As previously mentioned, Maybe & Baby Maternity is solely for pregnant and breastfeeding women, which I do think is perfect, especially during pregnancy as it can be a very emotional time. So, to have a more personal touch to your experience is wonderful.

My fitting

Chloe arrived with so many bras for me to try on (a very pleasant surprise!), all in varying sizes as well as her rail to hang them up on. It felt like a very personal and unique touch to be able to see all of the bras in front of me that we would be trying on. There was such a large range of pretty bras too which in itself is impressive, considering how nursing bras can be very, very dull. However, the ranges that Chloe stocked just looked like attractive and normal bras, as opposed to some of the plain and uninviting ones that can be found in shops.

When being fit, and trying on bras, generally a tape measure is used to measure our backs to work out which size we need. However, this is not how Chloe works at all, which again feels so much more personal because she carefully looks at how the bra is fitting on the individual. After all, not all bras are the same shape, and even the same size bras can look very different based on different brands too. So, this made it much easier to find a bra that was right for me.

Cake Lingerie is one of the brands that Maybe & Baby Maternity stocks

Chloe carefully looked at how the bras were fitting on my body, and some were better than others. I also had my input as to what I personally prefer wearing such as wired/non-wired or padding/no padding. So, this again allowed Maybe & Baby Maternity to stand out, as I didn't feel as if I was another sale. Chloe wanted to make sure that I was happy with my choice.

During my fitting, Chloe made me aware of how a bra should be put on correctly, and what she was looking for in the bra to look like on. So, I definitely took away some new facts about understanding how bras should feel and fit.

Before bra fitting

After bra fitting

I can hand on heart say, that I'd never thought of doing a bra fitting in this way, or having an experience like this at all. However, I absolutely loved it, and I would stress any pregnant or nursing mamas, in the Midlands area to consider Maybe & Baby Maternity. I felt at ease, and comfortable during my fitting, which ultimately I think is the most important thing about having one done. It's also so important to make sure that you're wearing the right sized bra, so if you can do that and have a friendly face, then why not?!

You can find Maybe & Baby Maternity by following these links:

  • Maybe & Baby Maternity website: here
  • Maybe & Baby Maternity Facebook Page: here
  • Maybe & Baby Maternity Instagram: here

Have you ever had a personal bra fitting like this? Let me know in the comments section!

Thanks, lovelies.


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