Disneyland Paris With A Baby - 5 Things To Know Before Going Into The Parks

I thought I'd do a post on how we tackled our trip to Disneyland Paris and include some tips and tricks that I'd recommend when taking a young child!

This is the first time that we have ever been to Disneyland Paris with a baby. We have travelled there with my younger siblings before, but going with a baby is a very different experience, especially when considering foods, rides and experiences.

1. Pack appropriately

This was always going to be a tricky one for me to master, and if I'm honest, is something that you learn from in hindsight. It's so hard to work out what things you will need, and what things will just end up taking up room in your luggage. 

I did write a previous post on packing for Disneyland with a baby, so I won't go too much into that. Generally speaking though, I ended up using pretty much everything that I would use on a day to day basis, so although it was handy to have a back up pair of clothes, there was a lot of things that I didn't end up needing - like swimming gear (because we just did not have time to go swimming!). 

One thing that I think is an absolute must is to pack snacks. It's so handy to have some snacks waiting for you back in your hotel room, or for when you're travelling (more to come on this in another blog post), or just for when you're feeling peckish and don't want to fork out on expensive snack prices!

2. Keep an eye on your time keeping

One thing that we really noticed on our trip, was our time keeping was completely off. Normally, when we have been, we are very go, go, go Disney holiday-ers. However, we took things much more slowly, mainly because we had to think about Edith's needs and factoring in feeds, nappy changes and giving her a chance to walk about and stretch her legs from her pushchair.

I hate planning when I go to Disney. I like to go with what I fancy at the time, however, I would say, make sure you know when certain show times are on, if there is anything that you want to go and watch because you'll be surprised at how quickly the time passes with a small child. We didn't end up watching any of the parades, or even Disney Illuminations, this time as we just did not have time with the other activities that we did instead!

3. Remember buggy parks

At Disneyland Paris, I was aware that I wouldn't be able to take Edith's stroller everywhere. When queuing for rides, there are designated buggy parks outside of the individual attractions, which I'd expected. However, there are other times where strollers are not permitted inside, such as when we went for our character breakfast on Edith's birthday. Outside of the restaurant is where we had to leave our stroller, which threw me a little bit. I was anticipating being able to take it in with us, which in reality makes sense to not take them in, but it did mean that we had to unload everything important and take it with us.

I would say, travel lightly into the parks if you can. Especially for moments when you do have to unload everything, as well as carrying your baby.

4. Take advantage of the parent-swap system

Now, this isn't something that we took advantage of (we will when we go to Florida), but I think it's a really worthwhile thing to know before you go.

When travelling with two adults and a baby or young child, that can't ride an attraction, then the parent-swap system is really useful. It allows one of the adults to join the queue, whilst the other looks after the child, and then once the first adult has been on the ride, then instead of the other adult queuing again, you can go via the exit, or fastpass entrance, to skip the queue once you've swapped who is looking after the child.

In order to use the parent-swap system, just ask a Disney Cast Member at the attraction that you want to ride, and they will direct you on what you have to do. Simple!

In addition to the parent-swap, there are so many rides that can be enjoyed as a family, which you can read about in my Things To Do At Disneyland Paris With A One Year Old post.

5. Use the Shopping Service

As I'd mentioned above, that there are times when you can't take your stroller with you around attractions, the Disney Shopping Service really comes in handy. It's no secret that I enjoy shopping, especially in Disney, however, it wasn't always practical to buy something straight away as I'd end up loading it onto the buggy and then having to unload at every attraction. So, what I think is really useful is the Disney Shopping Service.

The service allows you to do as much shopping as you like, without having to carry it around in the parks all day - amazing, right?

In order to use the service, simply ask a Cast Member at the till when making your purchase, and they will be able to set that up for you. You can have your items bagged and then sent to be waiting for you at your hotel at the end of the day. It makes shopping that bit easier when with a baby or small child.

Is there anything that you would recommend knowing before going into the Disney parks?

Thanks, lovelies.


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