Travelling On Eurostar With A 1 Year Old

After our recent trip to Disneyland Paris, I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on how we got on with travelling there. Although we have, of course, been on a family holiday before, our trip to Disneyland Paris was the first time using a different mode of transport that wasn't a car.

Travelling with a baby or young child can seem daunting, especially when you're surrounded by a bunch of strangers. It's a new experience for your baby, and one that is not in their usual routine, so there's always a worry that they will be that child that screams the entire journey. However, travelling can also be a fun experience, and doesn't have to be one that becomes filled with dread. 


We decided to book car parking down at St. Pancras (where we were catching the Eurostar), because it seemed the easier option with our luggage, and with Edith. The thought of having to get on a really early train on the morning of travelling to Disney, and the thought of potential delays worried me. So, we opted to drive down the night before, and stay in a cheap chain hotel so that we were within walking distance of St. Pancras. 

This was definitely the best option for us. We had a much smoother start to the day, and a full breakfast before heading to the station. 

When we arrived at St. Pancras, we were allowed to go straight through to customs, as we had arrived within the recommended travelling time. On the Eurostar, it is recommended to arrive between 60-45 minutes before travel to ensure you get through customs in time to board your train.

We joined the queues of people, ready to put our baggage through the security machines. I'd started to get a bit flustered at this point, as Edith had just fallen asleep. I did not want to have to wake her and take her out of the pram, but luckily I didn't have to. Security checked the pushchair through, with her still asleep in it, and we went on our way once we had the all clear.

After we went through the ticket barriers, and security, we had a small wait before we were allowed to board. There is plenty of seating in the waiting area, and plenty of room for children to have a little walk around before being confined to the train.

Luggage Allowance

Travelling via the Eurostar, still comes with it's luggage allowances, regardless of it being a train. On the Eurostar, there is no weight limit on luggage, but they do say that you should be able to carry and lift your own luggage safely, as you have to store your own luggage on the train.

An adult is entitled to two pieces of main luggage, and a small piece of hand luggage (handbag/laptop bag/ change bag, etc). The main luggage can be a maximum of 85cm on it's widest point, so make sure you know how big your luggage is before you start packing!
Children over 4 are entitled to a small piece of hand luggage and 1 main piece up to 85cm. Children under 4, with no seat, do not have a luggage allowance. However, a pushchair does not count towards your allowances.

There is also no liquid restrictions, which is a big bonus for being able to stock up on drinks before boarding, as it will save you money rather than buying drinks on board the train!

*Please do make sure before travelling, with your travel provider to check for the most up to date travel luggage allowances.

As we were travelling Edith, I split all of our contents between three bags, so that we were within our limits.


Once, we had gone through all of security, and waited for our platform number to board, we joined the queues of people and went to find our carriage.

On the Eurostar, everyone has allocated seats, which will be found on the booking and on the train ticket. So, we walked up the platform until we found the correct carriage, and proceeded to load our luggage on before making our way down to our seats.

The luggage storage on the train, is well sized. Above the seats, there is a good amount of overhead space for small/medium pieces of luggage, which was perfect for when we needed something out of the smaller bags during our journey.

At the time, after I'd booked, I made sure to go on to my booking and change our seats. We were sitting in the standard area of the train, and so I knew, from past experiences, that we would likely be places in the rows of seats. That really didn't thrill me, with Edith on our laps, so I adjusted the booking and moved us to seats with a table. I'm so pleased I did because it gave us that bit extra of room, and I'd recommend those travelling with 1 young baby/child to do the same!

The journey

As we had done this journey so many times before, we knew roughly what to expect. We did worry how we would preoccupy Edith on our laps for the length, but she was absolutely fine. Boobies came to the rescue of course, and sent her to sleep within minutes of setting off. Once she had woken up, we took it in turns to have her on our laps, and to preoccupy her with her toys, snacks and begrudgingly, our phones.

Towards the end of the journey, we had been slightly delayed which frustrated all of us because we were so ready to just be in the parks! I think Edith began to pick up on our frustration as she became quite restless. Max ended up going to change her and give her a short walk up the train to chill her out a little bit, which seemed to do the trick!

Once we had arrived at Disneyland Paris (woohoo!), getting off of the train was similar to getting on. Max and I had a plan for who was carrying what and then we would just meet each other on the platform. I had Edith in the carrier, again, as it freed up my hands to carry her changing bag and her pushchair, whilst Max got the other bags off.

If I can stress one piece of advice, it would be to just go with the flow. Travelling with kids can be a mission in itself, but it doesn't have to be hard work that is filled with dread.

Have you had any experiences with travelling on the Eurostar with a baby?

Thanks, lovelies.


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