My Baby is One!

Welcome back!

I can't believe I'm writing this post. I don't know how time has flown so quickly since having Edith. It doesn't seem possible that it was so long ago that I was going in for my c-section to have her. From going through our TTC journey, to now celebrating our daughter's first birthday, just blows my mind.

As I said in my six month update, I wish I had started these kind of posts sooner, but I love being able to read back and remember the big milestones.

Breastfeeding and weaning

Edith is now loving solids! It took her a few months to really get into it, because I just don't think she was ready to begin with, which was absolutely fine. We paced ourselves and eased her in. I think it took her until around about 8 months old, for her to really begin to enjoy it. Now, all she wants to do is eat! Whenever I have something, her eyes catch me and she straight over to me with her mouth wide open - a bit like a baby bird waiting to be fed! 

I was conscious that weaning might affect my milk supply, however I can't say that it has at all. Breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis, so your body will only make as much milk as baby takes out. It's another thing about breastfeeding that I find fascinating. There are days where Edith will want more boob than others, and there are days that she eats everything that she possibly can. It just depends on her mood of the day and whether her teeth are hurting!

Speaking of teeth, eating has got much easier for her these days. She now has 6 teeth, and has been gnawing at the back of her gums recently, so could the molars be trying to make an appearance?! However, Edith's new teeth definitely give me more confidence when giving her harder foods for her to eat. She loves having her teeth to bite down on things (sometimes my boob - ouch!), so it's been fun watching her enjoy eating!

Some of Edith's favourite things to eat are mashed potatoes, broccoli, skips, Heinz by Nature fruit pouches and sausages. She will eat almost anything, except spaghetti bolognese or anything that contains mince. So, I can't complain!

Edith's favourites

I did a little section on this on my last post, and I loved reading back to see what her favourites were at the time, so I thought I'd add it again this time!

Edith's current favourite is her 'bear'. It's a Winnie The Pooh comforter teddy, and she just adores it. It goes everywhere with her. When we go downstairs for the day, after she's woken up, it's the first thing that she grabs and she carries it everywhere. I was unsure about whether she would have a toy that she has on her all of the time, but it's definitely her favourite. I did have a panic when shopping recently, as she had dropped it out of her pushchair (you can imagine the horror on my face!), but luckily, a lovely lady saw and she ran back over to me to give it back to Edith. 

Edith is also loving her books. She loves sitting quietly and just turning the pages and looking at the photos. After her baths, her Daddy always reads her a book, which she loves. It's one thing that I'm really glad she enjoys, so I hope she continues to enjoy books as she gets older!

Edith's development and firsts

Since my last update post, Edith has learnt so much and it blows my mind how much she has learnt in a short amount of time. 

Since then, Edith began to cruise along the furniture from 6.5 months. She was a bit wobbly to begin with, but she quickly picked up her pace! Edith stood unaided at 9 months and then took her first steps a couple of weeks later! She has been properly walking since 10 months, and continues to get faster by the day! She does often try to run, normally away from her daddy chasing her, but she hasn't quite worked out how to stop her self from falling over her own feet when she goes too quickly!

Of course, with Edith now walking, we took her to Clarks to get her her first pair of proper shoes. I was so excited! Edith, obviously hated the whole experience. She didn't like having us try different shoes on her, and she certainly didn't like us trying to make her walk in them! It took her a bit of time to adjust to the new weight (shoes) that had been added to her feet, but she seems to have now mastered that!

In between all of her firsts, we celebrated Edith's first Christmas! It was probably one of the best Christmases yet. We loved having her with us to celebrate. The year before, I was 27 weeks pregnant with her, so although it was wonderful, it was so much more special having her here to join in with the festivities! Edith did enjoy opening her presents, but quickly got bored. She did, however, enjoy tucking in to her first Christmas dinner! 

Edith also had her first trip to a play park, which she absolutely loved. The swings and the slide being her favourite. It was such a pleasure to watch her enjoying herself and definitely gave me one of those proud mummy moments where you melt over your child. 

What did we do to celebrate?

I was at such a loss for what to do to celebrate Edith's first birthday. Of course, we went to Disneyland Paris for her actual birthday (posts to come on our adventure, so keep your eyes peeled!), but I didn't know what we could do with a one year old to mark the occasion with family.

In the end, we decided to just invite Edith's grandparents and auntie and uncle to come and celebrate with us. We did some party food, drinks, cake and presents at our house and then we had a big meal out to Pizza Hut. The whole day was so much better than I'd expected it to be, and Edith seemed really into it too!

On her actual birthday, we were, of course, in Disneyland Paris. It was such a perfect way to celebrate our daughter's first birthday and was such a wonderful trip! We had booked a character breakfast for her birthday, and to our surprise, she actually enjoyed it! She didn't cry, other than when the characters left. So, I'd say that was a win!

What's next?

I do wonder what other changes will come our way over the next year, and just how much more Edith will continue to grow and learn. Being a mum is the most rewarding and amazing thing that I've every done, but it's incredibly bittersweet. I love being by Edith's side and nurturing her into a little person, and I look forward to all of her milestones, but there's something sad about how quickly the time goes. I'm so grateful that I'm able to stay at home with her and watch her make her 'firsts' and to soak up as much of her as possible!

How do you mark your child's milestones? Do you have a baby book to fill in?

Thanks, lovelies.


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