Packing for Disneyland Paris with a baby

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One of the biggest things about going away with a baby, is knowing what to pack. Our upcoming Disneyland Paris trip is the first trip abroad that we will have done with Edith (eek!). So, of course, I've been writing list after list about some of the things that we will need to take with us. We have been to Disneyland Paris, more times than I can count, but I have a feeling that this time will be very, very different to what we are used to!

Travelling and luggage allowances

We will be travelling via the Eurostar, so I've had to check what the luggage allowance is for us, and for Edith. We decided not to buy Edith a seat on the train because, no doubt, she will want to get up and walk around, or will want to sit with Mummy and then sit with Daddy, so it seemed pointless to pay out for an extra seat, when she probably wouldn't use it anyway!

Anyway, as we have two seats, we are allowed two pieces of luggage (up to 85cm and no weight restriction) each, plus 1 small piece of hand luggage each*. As Edith travels free, and therefore doesn't have a seat allocation, she doesn't have any luggage allowance. However, pushchairs are free in terms of luggage allowance, and do not count towards it. They just have to be folded in the luggage rack on the train. 

We never take too much luggage when we go to Disneyland Paris, but even with the two big bags each, we will have plenty of room to store Edith's things in our suitcases.

*Please don't take my word for this. Always check with your travel provider before you go, however, this was correct at the time of writing!

Writing lists

I love writing lists anyway, so this is a usual thing that I do every time before I travel. I like to tick off my packed items - it makes me feel extra prepared! I also like being able to have a visual guide for what still needs packing, or if there's anything that I've possibly missed off.

I have a list for myself, Edith and Max (yes, I pack his stuff too!). There's no surprise that Edith's is one of the longest!


Everyone has their own types of necessities, when it comes to babies, and one of mine is always an extra change of clothes. So, I always make sure I take too many, rather than not enough. I hate being caught short if there's a nappy accident or a messy meal when I'm out and about!

We will be away for a total of 4 days, which isn't the longest time to be away, but I have plenty in mind that I'm going to be packing for Edith, so I'll write out her list below:

1 x pack of nappies
2 x packs of wipes (1 for the change bag)
1 x pack swim nappies, swimming costume & towel
red book, calpol, thermometer, EHIC card
3 x pyjamas
3 x socks
2 x tights
2 x dresses
2 x leggings
2 x tops
jumper & cardigan
5 x fruit pouches (her fav!)
pack of biscotti biscuits
sippy cup
body wash
reins, pushchair and raincover
5 x long sleeved bibs

*This list doesn't include what I already have in my changing bag. 

Along with all of that, we will be taking some birthday decorations to put in the hotel room for Edith, and a couple of little presents for her to open on her day. 

I will also be taking Edith's new food thermo-flask, which I think will come in handy for her to have some snacks in on the train journey there, as well as having it as a food container in the parks! 

Do you have any must-packs when it comes to travelling with a baby?

Thanks, lovelies.


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  1. Thanks for sharing such a fab list Amy! This will be a great base list for us when we pack for our upcoming trip. 😊