Golden Boobies! - One Year Of Breastfeeding*

*I'll start by saying that this post contains gifted products, but I was not expected to include it in this post. 

I cannot believe that I'm writing this post! One whole year of breastfeeding Edith. Since July 2017, when I found out that we had conceived Edith, my body has been nourishing my baby. For a whole year, my boobies have been making that magical liquid gold, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. 

I did previously write a 6 month breastfeeding update, and I was proud of myself then, so you can imagine my elation now!


If you've followed my journey thus far, you'll know that it didn't go as smoothly in the beginning as I'd have hoped. 

The first 6 weeks were gruelling. I say this every time, but it really was hard. It was painful and it was tiring. I'd just gone through the c-section, so major tummy surgery, in order to birth Edith, and then having to deal with establishing breastfeeding was really testing. 

Through the tears, of not wanting to latch Edith on, for the amount of pain that it caused me, and the bleeding and cracked nipples, we pulled through and got there in the end. Edith wanted the boob a lot, which I think is what gave me the encouragement. Sure, I had loads of encouragement from Max, whether that be in support of me breastfeeding, or telling me that it was ok to not breastfeed. The overall factor was that Edith wanted the breast. We tried a bottle, but she was hysterical every time. I didn't like doing that and that's what gave me the biggest push to power through.

First public breastfeed!
Golden Boobies

I love the idea of having milestones when it comes to this journey. It makes me feel like I'm continuing to achieve for my own self-worth. I have loved breastfeeding, despite the rocky start. So, of course I wanted to mark the occasion.

Now, if you've followed my blog, and/or my instagram, you'll know that I love advocating for normalising breastfeeding. I think it's so important for so many reasons. Therefore, when I came across Figgy and Fern, I knew that I needed to have their matching milestone breastfeeding tops. I think they are perfect for proudly showing off breastfeeding journeys, which is exactly why I love wearing mine.

I can't believe it's been a whole year. Everyone always told me that 'time flies with a baby', and I can only agree. It's so bittersweet to think that Edith is a year old. I love watching her grow, and I love helping her along the way. However, it's so sad to think that I can barely remember how tiny she was!


I'm not sure that this was ever something that I considered when I was pregnant. I never worried about bonding with Edith, but I do think breastfeeding has given me a bond that I didn't think possible. When Edith is upset, or tired, or hungry, or just wants a cuddle, she comes to mummy. She has her booby and it settles her. I love that I'm able to be that person for her. Her safe place.

Breastfeeding also releases the hormone Oxytocin, which is known as the 'love hormone' or the 'cuddle chemical'. It is released during breastfeeding which helps with milk production and can make a mum's mood more positive. I have found that when I'm feeding Edith, or have recently finished feeding, that I feel calmer and more relaxed, as does she. Isn't liquid gold amazing?

Normalising breastfeeding

After breastfeeding for longer than I had ever expected, I've realised that although there is some support for breastfeeding, there is still such a long way to go. I've had my fair share of dirty looks whilst feeding, and I even had photographs of me feeding Edith (gross!), however, it didn't put me off from feeding in public, because why should it? Why should my baby's diet be compromised because of strangers opinions or behaviour.

Every mamas breastfeeding journey is unique, and I know now everyone is comfortable with breastfeeding in public, or would rather go somewhere more private and that's absolutely fine! We have found our groove now, and we will breastfeed anywhere.

When will we stop?

Probably a question that most people wonder when I tell them that we are still breastfeeding. The truth is, I don't know when we will stop. Ideally, my limit is when two years old. Whether that means Edith stops in the next week, or she carries on right up until 23 months, then what will be will be! For me, I'd like to be finished by then, but I know when the time comes, I will most likely be a bit sad probably because it means she isn't a baby anymore, and doesn't always need her mama!

Do you celebrate your breastfeeding milestones?

Thanks, lovelies.


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