Celebrating Your Breastfeeding Milestones With Figgy and Fern*

*This post contains gifted products, however I was not asked to write a blog post.

I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post on why I like celebrating my breastfeeding milestones, and then I came across Figgy and Fern. I have seen so many different breastfeeding related products on my journey, and I have collected my fair share of breastfeeding pins, including those that mark the big milestones. However, I'd never come across t-shirts that could do that, and I instantly fell in love with them!

The photo doesn't do the shimmer justice!


Since being a mum, I'm all about having one of a kind things and I usually find that in the way of independent businesses. I love that I'm supporting someone's dream by shopping independent and I feel that there's a lot more love and care that goes into the products that I'm buying and using. 

After chatting to Ruth, my order was put in for our matching tees. As we are marking our One Year Breastfeeding Milestone (Golden Boobies!), I knew that the boobies on the tees, had to be golden! I love how shimmery and personalised these tops are.

As well as the gorgeous shimmer on the boobies, the tops are very soft. The fit itself, was lightweight and made it easy to lift to give Edith easy access. So it's an all-round win!

Memories and keepsakes

I love creating memories (don't we all?), and I love having physical things that I can hold and look back on. 

At my baby shower, I was bought a lovely baby keepsake box for Edith, and since then I have stored away bits and pieces from her life so far. I love being able to sit in her room and look at all of the things that I've saved for her so far because is helps me remember certain memories, or even just remembering how small she was! 

I plan on doing the same with my new milestone tees, once it no longer fits Edith, because my breastfeeding journey is something that I'm both proud and fond of.

Normalising breastfeeding

Another thing that I love about these milestone tees, is that it really allows a mum to be proud of her breastfeeding journey, and in turn allows her to show that off to the world. Being able to wear something that so obviously celebrates breastfeeding can really help to normalise the stigma.

Do you celebrate your breastfeeding milestones?

Thanks, lovelies.


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