Twinning With My Daughter - Mama & Me Outfit Linky

Welcome back!

Recently, my lovely friend Laura spoke to me about her starting up a linky through her, and her friend Maisie's, blogs. I never really knew much about linkys, but I do love the idea that it brings other mamas together with a specific theme in mind!

Anyway, this months theme is Valentine's Day/pink/red/love. With this being Edith's First Valentine's Day outside of my tummy, I think it's the perfect opportunity for us to get involved! 


Recently, the colour pink has featured heavily in my life. Now, if you know me, you'll know that my favourite colour is red, and I own a lot of red clothing because, lets be honest, there's a certain famous mouse whose signature colour is red - style icon, maybe? But I seem to be breaking away from red (for a little while at least!). 

Anyway, I'm rambling. So, back to pink. It's everywhere at the moment. From my favourite pink bottle, to my fluffy pink socks. Everywhere

I said I wouldn't be one of those parents that conform to specific clothing colours for certain genders, but here I am (sorry, Edith!). However, I do think she looks very cute in her new coat!


I'm not afraid to say that I love twinning with my girl! To some, it's probably really sad to dress your child in similar clothing to you, but I just love it. I waited to long to be able to do this with my child, so if I want to be that parent, then I absolutely will. Edith, no doubt, will heavily cringe when she looks back on the photos of us!

Don't forget to go and read Laura's and Maisie's Linky posts to find out what outfits they are twinning with their littlies!

Thanks, lovelies.



  1. I love this so much! How cute are your matching coats and hats?! You know how much I love to twin everything (me and Emmy, Edith and Emmy, Emmy and her daddy) we just love a matching outfit! Xx

  2. yay for twinning! Love this look, the matching hats are too cute! Thanks so much for joining in <3