My Least Favourite Baby Products

I'm all about keeping it real, and after I posted about my favourite baby products,  I thought I'd write a post about my least favourite baby products. Of course, every parent and baby are different, so these are purely my least favourite items that we have purchased.

Moses Basket

I had it drilled into my system when I was pregnant, that I needed a Moses Basket. So, like the unknowing parent-to-be that I was, we got one.

It turned out to be a waste of money. Edith would not sleep anywhere but on me or Max. Even attempting to put her down in the Moses Basket, would immediately wake her up. She would just not settle. The basket is now being used as a glorified cat bed. The cats have had more use out of it than Edith ever did!

Chicco Next 2 Me

As I say, Edith would not settle anywhere but on us, until we bought the Magic Pillow (The Sleepyhead Deluxe+). However, I was so convinced that the Chicco Next2Me would be brilliant, but we were just so disappointed with it. I know people that absolutely loved theirs, but I'm just not one of them. We found the Next2Me to be too hard, which Edith wouldn't lie in awake, let alone to go to sleep.

Changing bag

With our travel system, we had a changing bag come with it, which I thought was a result! However, a few months in, I craved to use one of my own bags because it felt more me.

As Edith is breastfed, I didn't need a big bag to carry bottles around, or anything other than some nappies, cream, wipes, spare change of clothes and the portable changing mat. Everything else in my bag is mine (purse, keys, etc). So, for us, having a proper changing bag wasn't something that we needed.

Maternity/pregnancy knickers

During pregnancy, I was keen to find everything that a pregnant woman might need to make her pregnancy more comfortable. What I did find during my constant internet browsing was that maternity underwear was a thing

Now, I'm usually a big sucker for advertising, and I believe a lot of what I read (I know, I'm naive), however, these just seemed like a big waste of time, and money. Instead, I opted for some cheap Primark underwear to see me through, which turned out to be super comfy and accommodating to my expanding bump, and didn't carry the hefty price tag that comes with maternity knickers. 


Edith certainly let us know what she liked, and what she did not like, from a very early age. It was apparent that, although the bouncer that we had would preoccupy her for a short while, it wasn't enough to persuade me that we actually needed one. Instead, Edith was happy just laying on the floor on her playmat. 

A cot mobile

I really wanted to love having a cot mobile, because they look cute. In reality, for us, instead of soothing Edith, it just woke her up. 

I bought a mobile that had a sensor built in that would trigger the music to play if Edith cried, but I found that if she was half asleep and cried out, it would just wake her up more rather than allowing her to drift back off. 

Also, one of the settings that 'sings' instead of playing nature sounds, had a super creepy voice.

Although some of the above products, are greatly favoured by parents, we and Edith were just not great lovers of them. I think, as we are first-time parents, we were easily swayed towards certain products because they are the norm, but it just goes to show that not one size fits all when it comes to babies!

Do you have any baby products that you didn't enjoy using?

Thanks, lovelies.



  1. I agree on so many of these!! Tristan was out of his Moses basket by the time he was 5 weeks old has he had outgrown it and we replaced it with a small wooden crib which I wish I had got from the start. Tristan also hated his swing which luckily I managed to take back and replace for something else and as much as I loved the bedside cot, I’m convinced that’s the reason he won’t sleep in his cot is because it isn’t next to me. Babies hey! Haha

  2. lovely post. I won't say that I bought baby stuff that I did not use /like (as we decided to buy if we felt we need it once our baby was there, apart obvs buying essential like a cot etc.) but I am glad I did not buy a changing table for example. I used to change my toddler ( and I still do) everywhere in the house like on my bed , on the rug etc. Also I am glad I did not buy one of those way too expensive nappy bin. I think they are just useless a normal bin do the same job.