My 5 Top Tips For Weaning.

I remember, way back when Edith was small, thinking about how little I knew about weaning. If you followed my previous post on my initial thoughts on weaning, you'll know that I was incredibly nervous about weaning. I then found myself comparing our weaning journey to other peoples, which is absolutely the wrong approach, in my opinion. Anyway, I thought I'd write some tips, which I would have found useful reading before we started weaning.

1. Only do what you are comfortable with

This is probably the most important one for me.

To begin with, I had so much advice thrown my way. What kinds of foods I should be offering, how I should be offering it. The list really was endless. I think it actually ended up putting a lot of pressure on me, and how I should be doing things, when in reality, there just is not a right way of doing anything when it comes to parenting.

It's no secret that I was anxious about giving certain foods, in certain sizes to Edith. However, the main piece of advice that I can offer is to only do what you are comfortable with. Sure, people can offer advice as much as they like, but the overall say, ends up with you as the parent.

By forcing yourself too quickly, can actually have an adverse effect on your weaning experience, and can also rub off on your baby. They aren't silly, they pick up on these things!

If you are nervous, as I was and sometimes still am, it's just about not forcing yourself to give them things before you feel comfortable enough to do it. In my experience, watching Edith become more confident with foods is what gave me the encouragement to actually enjoy her weaning journey, Seeing her enjoy and be comfortable with food made me feel so much more at ease.

2. Start simple

Food can be amazing. So many flavours and textures, that can make weaning exciting. Especially for babies who have only ever known milk! However, there's a phrase 'too much, too soon'.

Starting your baby on simple solids, and starting them individually can help you get an idea of what your baby likes and doesn't like, rather than having meals that have different foods mixed in together.

3. Feed baby what you eat

This doesn't mean to say that I am against pre-made pouches/jars because I'm not. Edith used to enjoy pouch meals if we were eating something that I wasn't comfortable giving her, and she still enjoys a fruit pouch during the day as a snack. However, now that we have established weaning more, I am happy to give her pretty much everything that we eat.

There's something satisfying about watching your baby enjoy your cooking, and hearing her say 'yum yum' whilst eating it. I also find that, for us, it's less hassle to just serve her the same dinner as ours, because then I'm not making multiple things at a time.

In addition to time saving, I've also found that serving Edith the same dinners as us, has potentially saved us money too. Before Edith was born, we were partial to a takeaway weekly, if not biweekly. However, having a takeaway makes me feel guilty as it means Edith can't have any, mainly because of excess salt and sugar, plus babies don't need to eat takeaways! 

We have also found that when we give Edith a different meal to what we are eating, she doesn't tend to want to eat it and will still ask for our food. Perhaps I'm fighting a losing battle when it comes to different meals?!

4. Have fun

This is something that I wish I had done before weaning. I know so many people that were excited to start letting their babies try different foods and textures, but I just was not one of them. I think I'd convinced myself that it wasn't going to be fun, and I ended up putting a dampener on it for myself.

So, whether you're doing BLW or not, enjoy watching your baby make those yum noises, or pulling those scrunched up faces in disgust!

5. Watch out for spoon sizes

Who knew that there were different sized baby spoons for different weaning stages? I didn't!

It only recently occurred to me that her spoons are now not deep enough for Edith as they don't hold a lot of food on them. I then realised that the current spoons that we were using were for 4 months+, so we have now invested in some more age appropriate spoons which are 9 months+. We aren't quite ready for metal baby cutlery just yet, as I don't want her to damage her developing gums!

Do you have any top tips for weaning?

Thanks, lovelies.


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