What I've learnt as a breastfeeding mum.

I thought I'd write a list of things that I've learnt from being a breastfeeding mum. Normalising breastfeeding is something that I feel quite strongly about, so I like to keep you all updated with my journey as honest as I can!


Since becoming a mum, I have a new level of patience that I didn't know existed. There are things that I thought would make me feel flustered, such as having a crying baby whilst being out in public. I've learnt that 97% of Edith's issues are resolved with boob, Tired? boob. Upset? boob. Want a cuddle? boob. As that's all well and good, there can be times where Edith fights any sort of help, but I'd like to think that I deal with it pretty calmly, mainly because I know that screaming out is her way of telling me that something isn't quite right for her.

There are times where she scratches my chest, or pulls my hair, whilst she's feeding because she just can't lay still. Those kinds of things probably would have annoyed me ordinarily, however, whether it's parenting or breastfeeding, I feel like I have the patience to calmly tell her to stop. Edith has also bitten me (ouch).

Everyone has an opinion

Everyone has an opinion. Whether we like those opinions or not is another thing. Breastfeeding comes with a whole range of opinions - 'don't do it past 6 months', 'I think it's horrible', 'I couldn't do it', 'rather you than me'. The list is endless. That doesn't mean to say that there aren't positive opinions because there really, really are. 

I just think that when it comes to the negative opinions, it really can affect a breastfeeding mum. As a mum, I constantly find myself second guessing whether I'm doing the right thing, and then I need to throw myself back into reality and know that I'm doing the right thing for us.

I've said it over, and over again, that I'm completely lead by Edith. So, regardless of anyone else's opinion, we'll continue as we are until she is ready for change.

Public perceptions 

Looking back to my first experience of breastfeeding in public, I was so worried about having my breast out. Now, I'm not bothered. That doesn't mean to say that I just whip my boob out for everyone to see, but I will just stop whatever it is that I'm doing (within reason), and feed her. 

I think as a society, we are quick to pressure mums into breastfeeding their babies, but the attention quickly turns from 'breast is best' to 'when are you going to stop?'. So, although I've never had a negative public feeding reaction, I do think we, as a society, have a long way to go in terms of being understanding of breastfeeding. 

Some things can wait

As Edith won't take a bottle, when she wants milk, she wants it straight away. There have been times where I've just dropped whatever I'm doing to focus on her. We did try bottles, when I was going through sore and cracked boobs to begin with, but she just didn't take to them and I wasn't overly keen on her having one anyway. 

So, as I say, I just stop what I'm doing and get to feeding her. There have been times where I've had people at the door and I've just ignored them, mainly because there was a boob incident when I'd answered the door mid-feed - not good! 

Sometimes things don't go to plan, and that's ok. Cleaning the house, or sorting something out, can often wait. 

You don't need breastfeeding clothes

Now, I love having nursing friendly clothes. I love the convenience, however, they aren't a necessity. You don't need to fork out for some of the expensive prices that go along with 'nursing clothing'.

I do love the level of discreetness that breastfeeding clothing can give, but the one up, one down method works just as well and certainly saves on the pennies!

Everyone's breastfeeding journey is unique

There are so many hints and tips when it comes to breastfeeding, but I quickly learned that no breastfeeding journey is the same, and no same two tips are bound to work for different mums.

Us mums are hard on ourselves on a daily basis, and breastfeeding can sometimes be at the centre of that. Comparing our lives with others is so easily done, especially with the likes of social media, where breastfeeding is portrayed as being easy peasy. However, it's so important to remember that everyone's journey is unique.

Is there anything that you've learnt as a breastfeeding mum?

Thanks, lovelies.


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