The Best Things About Being A Dad - Dad's Edition

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Welcome to the first official Dads's Edition on Becoming Mumsy! 

I figured that we could just jump right in and let Max get on with his post. Enjoy!

Hello! Amy has asked me to list some of my Favourite things about being Edith’s Dad. It's something that I wouldn’t necessarily categorise and thinking about it, do I really know what my favourite parts of being a new dad are? 
I think to sum up the experience it would be that you have someone who you love more than anything in the world. They look at you and smile and no matter how bad your day is and will always brighten your mood. It is, love

I say it at least once a day to Amy. I look at Edith in her arms, or playing on the ground or smiling in the back of the car and I say “I just love her, she’s perfect”. - I can confirm this (Amy).


Seeing Edith Happy. Whether it’s the moment she wakes up in the morning, pulling herself up on the side of her cot, at the end of our bed, and seeing her toothy grin over the sides as she beams at us, or her not wanting to go to sleep and laughing as we tell her to lay down at night. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, if she’s happy nothing else matters. It makes everything else seem trivial

Being able to make her giggle as I chase her around the living room or playing with her toys and her being happy to show me whatever she’s picked up. It really is the best feeling to see her happy and enjoying everything life has to offer and including us with it. 

Learning and Engaging

Edith’s got to the age now where she’s really into toys. It doesn’t happen straight away, especially when they don’t have the fine motor controls or ability to move around, it really isn’t as interesting to them. But now she can crawl, and shuffle along the sofa, she seems to really enjoy playtime and will happily sit and play by herself or with me or Amy.

Watching her learn and play with toys, opening the pages of a book, pressing a button that plays a silly song that she bobs up and down to. or just munching on some plastic toys and dribbling everywhere in excitement is great. I think the best part is her wanting to include us in her play, whether it’s showing you her favourite toy and getting you to pretend eat it or helping her stack blocks or help turn the pages in a book, it's a blessing to be part of her playing. 

Bath Time!

Bath time is Dad and Daughter time. I’ve always been the one to give Edith a bath, from when we first came home from the hospital. I think, as a result of Amy being unable to bend over from her Caesarean, it has just stuck

It's something that we can do together and that I can honestly say Edith enjoys me doing it more than Mum (Sorry Amy). She’s a happy bather even from being just a couple of weeks old, and will happily let me get her all squeaky clean whilst she plays with her assortment of bath toys, a small distraction of a foam mirror to help lift her head up and there’s no soap in the eyes! 

Although the baths aren’t long, I take the lack of crying and tears that I am at least doing something right! 

From Wife to Mum

Although I may be the honorary bath giver, it is Mum whom she really can’t get enough of and seeing the way they look at each other is the best thing of all. It’s mum who gives the best cuddles and funny voices and watching Edith grin as Amy walks into the room or the way she cuddles Amy when she’s upset. It makes me so proud to have our little family and getting to have this experience together that I can’t wait to see what Edith likes in the coming years and which parent she goes to for what. 

My favourite thing of all about being a Dad is getting to watch Edith love us and everything she does and see that we must be doing at least something right for her to be as happy as she is (Even if she gives everyone a cold look when out shopping!). 

What are your favourite things about being a dad?


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