My Weaning Must-Haves.

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I'm keeping in with the theme of 'weaning' this week and it's all well and good sharing our weaning progress thus far, but I thought that it might be useful to show some of my must-haves with weaning!

As a first-time mum, I won't pretend and I will say that I had no clue about what things we would need when giving Edith solids. Sure, I thought we would obviously need a highchair to try to contain her whilst eating, but what else? I didn't really have a clue. So, I've put together a list of things that I have found particularly useful to use when we feed Edith.

Nuby spoons

Although we don't tend to spoon feed Edith, we do sometimes, and it can't hurt to have some baby spoons even if you are strictly doing baby-led weaning. Plus, I think giving babies the option of having a spoon to use at meal times, is great for them to practice their hand-eye coordination skills. 

Anyway, we opted for these Nuby baby spoons, and we all love them. They are lovely and colourful, and also deep enough to have enough food on them to put in Edith's mouth. They are also plastic ones, so there is no metal to damage Edith's developing gums.

Mothercare Apple Highchair

After growing up with young siblings, I knew that babies are messy little people. There are some gorgeous branded highchairs out there, but I knew that, in reality, they would be a waste of money. Highchairs are for dinner after all, and when babies feed themselves, they get very messy (well, Edith does!). 

We opted for a Mothercare own brand highchair. It cost us a bargain £30. It is an easy wipe material, and still looks pretty (I love the bright colours!). 

The only downside that I have to this highchair is that the food tray is not the biggest, so when it comes to using plates, they don't fit! Right now, that isn't really an issue as I don't trust her not to chuck plates or bowls on the floor, so we just put things directly onto the tray for her to eat.

Under highchair messy mat

This has been an absolute life (carpet) saver. We recently upgraded our carpets in our living room/dining room, so I was obviously keen to make sure that weaning didn't ruin them with the copious amounts of food that ends up underneath Edith when she eats!

Anyway, I'm rambling. Initially, we started off with a very thin sheet of plastic which was, quite frankly, rubbish! So, after visiting some family, who had a new table mat, I thought that it would be perfect to serve as an under highchair mat. I asked where they'd got it from, and it was from Dunelm! We visited their haberdashery section, where you can choose what pattern material you'd like and then pay for the size you'd like cutting off. So, we did exactly that and I was chuffed to find that there was a very similar apple print to Edith's highchair! We bought 1.5 metres of the material and it cost us a mere £5 - an absolute bargain, if you ask me!

It's also an easy wipe and easy folding material, so perfect for those messy meals.

Sleeved bibs

If, like us, you're not keen on having to change baby straight after feeding, or aren't keen on the idea of putting them straight in the bath after a meal, then definitely invest in some long sleeved bibs. They don't get in the way, and they save the clothes that are underneath!

Dolly & Beau 'Bapron'

Going along with the theme of bibs, I was introduced to Dolly & Beau a few months ago, and I knew that I had to try one of their signature baprons (bib/aprons), and they do not disappoint!

I have one of these in my changing bag for when we are out and about as they fold away nice and small so do not take up any room. They are waterproof, so perfect for any food that falls down Edith and I can just wipe it away. They also come in a variety of different colours and patterns which some can now be personalised with your child's name, so I know I'm definitely going to be ordering another for Edith!

You can find Dolly & Beau by clicking here.*

*I have not been asked to include any of the products above in this blog post, but they are ones that I just love!

Plates? Bowls?

You may be reading this post and wandering where are the plates and bowls? Well, we don't give them to Edith just yet. Mainly because she has discovered that she can share her food with the cats by dropping it on the floor! So, when we give her meals, we just plonk it on the highchair tray as it is and let her dig in.

Do you have any weaning must-haves?

Thanks, lovelies.


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  1. Sleeved bibs were my saviour with baby led weaning! I don’t know if they still do them but I used buy really cheap ones in the pound shop.