An Introduction To Our Weaning Journey.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my first thoughts on weaning, so I thought I'd write an update about how these first few months have gone.

New beginnings

If you read my last post, you'll know that the idea of weaning onto solids made me nervous. I wasn't sure what I was doing (do any of us?), and the thought of her choking terrified me. I was also worried about how it would impact my milk supply. 

My worries aside, it wasn't about what I wanted. Edith needed to start venturing into the world of food, and not just breast milk. I needed to push my worries aside and do what she needed me to.

Where did I start?

As new parents, we are often given advice from lots of different people, and weaning was of no exception. I was often told to start with baby rice, which is exactly what I did. I gave Edith her first try, and to say she was unimpressed would be an understatement. She gave me a puzzled look of confusion as to why I was offering her this sloppy, yet thicker than milk, concoction. So, after a couple of tries, we gave up with baby rice, because it seemed like a waste of time.

I was keen to try out baby-led weaning, but on some occasions it was easier to offer her a pouch. Edith is quite particular with what she'll eat from a spoon, and she will only rarely take a pouch now. However, in the early days, the only brand she would even consider trying would be the Heinz By Nature. We still give her the fruity ones either as a snack in the day, or adding it to porridge for her.

Baby-led Weaning

In my initial thoughts post, I was so sure that I wanted to try and get on board with Baby-led Weaning (BLW), but I just couldn't. Those worries of 'will Edith choke on this?' kept creeping in, so although I wasn't giving purees, I was giving her very mashed up foods, but she wasn't too opposed to that. 

My main concern about BLW with Edith, is that she was quite aggressive with food. She shoves as much as she possibly can into her mouth, and then gags as shes forced it in too much. So, for me to watch her, it sent me nervous beyond belief. I know there is a difference between gagging and choking, but it's still not nice for me to sit and watch!

Three months in

Edith is 9 months old, and if you read her 6 month update, you'll see that I had started giving her bits of foods to try beforehand because she was ready. Although she was ready for food, she got bored of it quite quickly. Edith is much more into food now, but would still rather breast milk.

We now give Edith whatever we are eating for dinner. To begin with, she wasn't bothered at all and would just pick it up and throw it about, but now shes enjoying feeding herself and making a mess, much to Max's dismay (he doesn't like sticky fingers). We find that Edith eats a much bigger quantity of food when we just give her it. She likes the independence and her new found motor skills that allow her to gently pick up her food and put it in (that doesn't mean to say that she doesn't still ram it in!).

It's such a lovely feeling watching your child enjoy things, especially food with all of the new tastes and textures. Some of her favourites include porridge, broccoli, carrot, mash, beans, sweet potato and rice to name a few, but now she's happy to just try anything and everything.

So, being lead by Edith, it looks like we will continue with BLW, and only have pouches if we have to. It is much easier for us being able to let her feed herself, as it means we can also all eat at the same time which I think is important or her. Dinner is family time where we can all sit around the table and catch up on the day, although Edith doesn't do much talking (yet!).


I was frequently told that breastfed babies do not need water until they are over 6 months. So, Edith did not have any until then. She tried it and wasn't fussed so I will admit that I stopped for a while. Now she's bigger and more interested in things, she is enjoying having a sippy cup to have.

To begin with, again, she wasn't sure what to do with a cup because she doesn't use bottles so only knows how to work the boob. She seemed very confused with what to do with this strange thing that I'd given her. I was so keen for her not to have a bottle at all, and after she just couldn't get along with some of the cups that I'd already bought, we invested in a MAM sippy cup, which has been perfect for her. She now looks very chuffed with herself once she's had a drink of water.

How do you feel about weaning? Is there anything you'd like to try or wish you had done?

Thanks, lovelies.


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