5 Things You Don't And Won't Understand Until You Become A Parent

Welcome back!

After some memory sharing with family, it dawned on me just how naive pre-Edith Amy was. Sure, I'd been around young children all of my life, but did I really know what it was like to have a baby? Absolutely not, although I thought I did. 

There are some things in life that you just don't understand until you have children of your own, regardless of how much you think you know. So, I thought I'd write a small list of the most obvious things to me, that I didn't understand until I became a mum. 

1. Sleep

Wowza. This is a big one. I thought I knew what it was like to be tired. I don't think there is anything that prepares you for just how much a new parent craves sleep. 

I also didn't understand just how little sleep the human body can function on (I say function loosely). In those first few weeks, we sought sleep wherever/whenever we could get it. There were times where we had guests, and either Max or I would just fall asleep. Usually, I would find that somewhat rude, but when a baby gets added into the mix, people are understanding. 

With getting the hang of breastfeeding, the onus was obviously on me to make sure I was awake and functioning to feed Edith. I have never been confident with having her in the bed with me, so I was always making sure that I was awake during those night feeds (I was in full mombie mode the next day!). 

To any new parent fighting to adjust to the new lack of sleep, welcome and hang in there! It does get better, or at least, we just get used to it as parents!

2. Worry

I think this is a pretty obvious one. There's a little person, your little person, now living on the outside, so of course there is plenty of room for worry. Although the lack of sleep may get better, I hear that worrying for your child never does. 

I like to think that I'm pretty chilled with a few things, but there are of course times when I worry whether I'm doing enough, or whether Edith is happy, or whether she needs something (you get my drift). 

3. Guilt

Oh there's that parent guilt again. 

I've briefly addressed why 'mum guilt' is the worst, and I've come to accept that it's just a way of life now. 

I find going out sometimes can make me feel guilty because what if Edith doesn't want to go out (she's always miserable when we do) or if I go out alone what if she thinks I'm abandoning her but then I remember and remind myself that I have a life to lead too and it's just about finding the balance, and pushing that guilt aside for my own sanity!

4. Time Keeping

Now, I think we do fairly well at being on time. I'm the punctual type anyway but, getting everything ready and getting out of the door has become a mission in it's own right!

I try my best to make sure that we are on time to places but, particularly when Edith was younger, Edith would completely throw off my plans by doing a poonami that went through all layers of her clothing, or she would demand to be fed. Again, people are understanding and I'm pretty sure no one wants to see a baby covered in poo! 

So, being prepared for the unexpected, usually has to be factored in when making plans.

5. Love

And last, but never least, the overwhelming love that you can feel for your child. Nothing can prepare you for it. Nothing

I've said it before, but a child's love, and the love for your child, is just something else entirely and all of the lack of sleep, worry and guilt are so completely outweighed by it. 

Is there anything you didn't understand until you became a parent?

Thanks, lovelies.


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