The Mumba Bra - Nursing & Pregnancy Bra Review*

As a breastfeeding mum, it can be difficult to find bras that are actually comfy. Especially with advice such as don't wear underwired bras. So, in this post I'm going to review how I got on with my Mumba Bra!

The Mumba Bra

What I love about this brand, is that mums and their babies are put into the heart of everything

The Mumba Bra is so comfortable, that you can really tell that a lot of effort has gone into the design. The Mumba Bra has multiple features, which for me, make it very different from some of the other nursing/maternity bras that I've bought and used, especially as they are so focused on mum and baby. 

Key features

The Mumba Bra has three unique features -

1. The Mumba Clasp
2. Original Baby Focus Print
3. Innovative Discretion Panel

The Mumba Clasp

I was very excited to give the numbered clasps a try. I think this was one of the main features that made me want to try out the Mumba Bra. As a nursing mum, it can be difficult, alongside baby brain (I can still claim to have baby brain, right?), to remember which side I've fed on last. When breastfeeding, you are supposed to alternate each breast after a feed to make sure that your milk comes in evenly in both breasts, and believe me, I've had my fair share of lopsidedness when I've forgotten!

So, the clasp, I think is great. There are two ways of using the Mumba Bra clasp reminder. 

1. The Full And Empty Breast Method - Use one colour (black or white) to signify when one breast is full (maybe black), and use the other colour (white) to show that the other breast is empty. Once the feed has finished, swap the originally full breast to white and move the otherwise to black. Then you'll know that the side that is now black, is the side to feed on!

2. The Number Method - When feeding always choose the lower number on each side and continue to alternate throughout the day!

Original Baby Focus Print

So, not only does the Mumba Bra work great for us mums, one of the key features is to calm and soothe baby during a feed. To do this, there is a hidden panel inside the bra that has the print for baby to focus on, once it has been unclasped and pulled down. 

Sometimes, it can be a struggle to get baby to focus on their feed. I know I've had to move away to somewhere quiet to allow Edith to feed before. However, the Mumba Bra has considered this and has a vibrant monochrome print to stimulate baby. 

Innovative Discretion Panel

I personally, never cover Edith over when we feed in public because why should I? However, that doesn't mean to say that I like to bear all when I do feed her. Again, one of the great features, that focuses on us mums, is the discretion panel. 

When wearing either low cut tops, wrap style tops or even nursing vests, it often means that in order for us to nurse, we have to get our whole booby out. However, thanks to Mumba Bra, I no longer have to! The discreet panel allows me to freely feed without worrying that I'm over-exposed and it makes me feel much more comfortable to feed in the above styles of tops!

How I've got on 

Now, you're probably wondering how I've got on with my new bra. My Mumba Bra is the Maya Comfort Bra in Black, which you can find by clicking here.

I love that I no longer have to grab myself in public to determine which side I need to offer Edith because, let's be honest, it's not great having to do that in public! I now just have to look down at my clasp to be reminded which side to use which is much more discreet and ideal.

As for comfort, the Mumba Bra gives me exactly that. Compared to some of my other nursing bras, the Mumba Bra is much more supportive and comfortable as it has a bigger clasp and the straps are easily manoeuvred as well as slightly thicker than my others - and isn't that what we all want from a bra? I wish I'd have gotten one back when I was pregnant, because they are perfect to wear pre-baby too and certainly would have helped my back more!

Edith loves being able to try and work out the print that is on the hidden panel. As it is monochrome, it's great for stimulating baby, and she certainly seems to enjoy having something other than me to look at!

Have you got a Mumba Bra?

Thanks, lovelies.


*This post was written in collaboration with Mumba Bra, however the views, as always, remain 100% my own.

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