Staying Over At Alton Towers Resort With A Baby - Cbeebies Land Hotel Review

Welcome back!

After our recent trip to the Alton Towers Resort, I thought that I would write a blog post about how we got on with staying over with Edith, since it was our first time in a hotel with her. Be prepared, it's a long one!

I'm sure every parent worries about their baby's sleep pattern being disrupted with a change of scenery, so I won't lie and say that I wasn't a bit nervous about staying over somewhere else with Edith.

Getting there

Alton Towers is not too far of a journey for us to get to, which is great because I'm not keen on keeping Edith in the car for too long. We left fairly early in the morning so that we could have a whole day at the resort. Edith, of course, fell asleep in the car.

When we arrived, we headed straight to the Cbeebies Land Hotel car park, which we were very excited for as we had never stayed in this hotel before. Thanks to the great British weather, it was raining when we reached our destination, but I can't say that it spoiled any of our fun!

Inside the hotel

From the car park, we could hear music coming from the hotel entrance, which definitely adds to the fun atmosphere of the resort. 

Once inside, there was so much to look at and take in. The hotel reception was filled with beautiful and vibrant colours, as well as interactive features that younger guests can enjoy whilst the adults check in. The whole environment certainly engaged all of the senses and Edith was loving it!

We were immediately greeted by resort workers, which was lovely and then directed to the reception desk. After giving my details, and sorting the paper work side of things, Max and I were given lanyards to wear around the hotel. We had stayed at the other accommodations at Alton Towers before, however, it was all new to us at the Cbeebies Land Hotel. The hotel asks that guests wear lanyards, which contains the room key, and also allows the hotel to know that you're a guest there. For younger guests, children are given a Cbeebies Land Hotel snap band bracelet which Edith was not so keen on! Children are not required to wear the bands.

Room facilities

Our check-in time was 3pm, which was great timing for us as we had gone to spend the day in the water park, and had separate bags for our swimming gear. Anyway, once we were tired out and longing for a bit of downtime, we headed back to the hotel and up to our room.

A cool feature of the hotel, was that the room key also served as the entry to the doors and lifts throughout the hotel.  No key? No entry - which I thought was a great security feature. Once we had arrived to our room, I couldn't wait to get in and have a look around. The room inside was huge. We had opted for a standard bugbies room, however I'm not sure there was anything standard about it. The room had so much inside, that I can't say there was anything missing. 

The room had three sections - the main bed area, the kids bed area and the bathroom. I was impressed at the size, as I've already said, because it was just so big. The bunk beds in the kids bed area, were a great size, and the area was equipped with a tv mounted on the wall, as well as night lights on the wall by each bed. The kids bed area also included an interactive wall for younger children to play on - perfect. 

The main bedroom area, had everything that we needed and more. The wardrobe area had a lot of space, as well as a compartment which contained a travel cot. On the desk space next to the wardrobe, we had tea and coffee making facilities, as well as some biscuits to snack on. Next to the adults hot drink appliances, there was also bottle heating facilities for babies!

In our bathroom, I was pleasantly surprised to find some full sized toiletries including Carex hand wash, Carex shower gel and some shampoo and conditioner - result! Guests are encouraged to take these with them after their stay. 

Alton Towers have really gone beyond expectations with the room facilities in the hotel!


So, as I've mentioned, I was anxious about where/how Edith would sleep. She's quite particular with where she will sleep, otherwise will fight it. Our sleep was much better than I'd anticipated.

We all relaxed in our bed, in the evening watching some tv, and then we attempted bed time. We all managed to get a decent night sleep, and we had no noise from anywhere, although I'm sure Edith gave a good amount when she woke during the night - hopefully no one was disturbed!


I couldn't wait for breakfast. 

I love a hot, cooked breakfast, especially buffet style ones where I can go up as many times as I like (breastfeeding makes you hungry!). The selection was great. From continental style pastries, fruits and yoghurt, there was also the traditional full English foods - yum! 

The range of drinks available was impressive. we could help ourselves to the hot drinks machine, and juices, but what I loved was the wide selection of milk alternatives. I can't drink normal cows milk, and at home I drink a lactose free alternative, so you can imagine that I was pleasantly surprised when the hotel offered soya, coconut milk and also almond milk as standard, alongside cows milk.

I certainly filled my plate multiple times. Edith tried some scrambled eggs, as well as some toast, however she was still tired when we ventured down for food, so wasn't quite ready to feed herself anything other than boob!


Our check-out time was 10am, which was easily done. I had semi-packed before going to bed anyway, to make it easier for us all. Once it was time to say goodbye to our bugbies room, we checked out and headed for some crazy golf at the resort before going home. 

Overall, our stay was brilliant. We were there to celebrate my birthday, and what a birthday it was! It was my first birthday as a mummy, and I was keen to find something nice for us all to do, as a family, in the middle of winter. It's safe to say that Alton Towers did not disappoint!

Have you ever been to Alton Towers? Would you stay at the Cbeebies Land Hotel?

Thanks, lovelies.


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