Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants - Joining in with the #WriggleWrestle*

I recently became a part of the Pampers Squad, which meant that we have luckily been sent some of their new Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants to review and to be a part of the #WriggleWrestle!

I was particularly excited about being able to give these nappy pants a go, especially now that Edith is crawling (yikes!). I really do have to have eyes in the back of my head, but not only is Edith everywhere now, it also means that her nappies can be everywhere too. The more she wriggles, the looser her nappies become - not good!

So, you can imagine my excitement when my Squad Kit arrived! I couldn't wait to get into my box and try out these nappy pants on Edith. 

Busting the myth

As a first time mum, I've frequently been told that nappy pants are for older babies/young children, however Pampers are on a mission to bust that myth because these nappy pants are suitable from whenever your baby is able to wriggle around. 

Pampers have created their Premium Protection Nappy Pants that are available from size 3, which is great! Edith is currently in a size 4 nappy.


Since Edith was born, we have stuck with using Pampers Premium Protection nappies. We have tried others, however Pampers were by far our favourite. So, when I'd seen that Pampers were introducing their Premium Protection Nappy Pants, I was curious to give them a try. 

I was sent a box filled with lots of Pampers goodies. We had a new pack of the Premium Protection Nappy Pants, in size 4, as well as coupons and freebies to share with some friends and family members, so that they could try them out too. 

Key points

One of my favourite key points of these nappies is their ability to stretch across Edith's tummy. With usual nappies, once they are fixed in place, that's generally it. They don't usually have much give, especially once Edith has gorged on some milk. So, a winning point for me with the Nappy Pants is their ability to stretch after Edith has fed, without falling down. 

Edith has started to undo her usual nappies now (help!), so now that we are using the pants, they are ideal as it means there are no tabs for her to remove, so they save a lot of faff!

What do I think?

Without going into too much detail, Edith can often give me a surprise with her nappies (and not the good kind!), and more often than not, those surprises are not contained - yuck! However, like I said, when I received my kit, I couldn't wait to try them out on Edith. So, I put one of our new nappy pants on her, and then we carried on with our day. We ended up driving and going shopping, and I'd then realised that Edith had indeed surprised me. I was panicking before getting ready to change her and had removed her spare clothes from my changing bag, but to my relief, the nappy pants had done their exact job and had managed to spare her clothes - Horray!

So, as well as containing some nasty gifts from Edith, the Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants, are also super soft. I was pleasantly surprised at how flexible and smooth they felt in comparison to nappies. They are also much easier to put on than usual nappies, as you simply pull them up just like a pair of pants, instead of having to wrestle with a wriggly baby to ensure the tabs are correctly in place!

In terms of whether I will continue to use these, I absolutely will. They have safely found their way into our changing storage at home and my changing bag for when we are out. 

Will you be joining in with the #WriggleWrestle?

Thanks, lovelies.


*We were sent our Squad Kit to review Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants, however, the views as always remain 100% my own.

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  1. We have used nappy pants since Hunter was 3 months and we love them ! We have tried every kind there is and have to agree Pampers are by far the best x