It's Christmas Eve!

Welcome back!

It's Christmas Eve, can you believe it?

The advent calendar is completed!

I thought I'd write one last post before the big day, as I'm so excited for it this year. Christmas is one of those days that I always look forward to. Our Christmas' have changed over the years, and I can't wait to watch them to continue to do so now that Edith is here.

Anyway, I thought I'd write about some of the traditions that we will be starting this year.

Christmas Eve Box

These seem to be becoming more popular recently, which I think is a lovely idea. Growing up, presents were strictly for Christmas Day only. However, I love the idea that Edith can go to bed in her new Christmas pyjamas, and read a Christmas story before bed, as well as a little treat before Father Christmas shows up. 

Inside Edith's Christmas Box is a small Baby's First Christmas rattle from Next which is dated 2018; a personalised Christmas Dinner bib to wear when we eat; a couple of Christmas stories; Christmas pyjamas; some crisps and a small bag of chocolate buttons because it's Christmas!

Take Away

Every year, we have some sort of takeaway - doesn't everyone? Christmas Day is a busy day for most, and as Max cooks the best roast dinner that I've ever had, then it only seems fair that the kitchen be clean and tidy before preparing the dinner (thanks, Max!). So, what better way to keep the kitchen tidy than to have a take-away?

Anyway, we don't have a set take away that we opt for on Christmas Eve, but I think we will have to decide pretty soon!

Christmas film

Christmas Eve is the perfect time to watch a Christmas film before going to bed, isn't it? I have already watched my fair share of Christmas films this year (no surprise there, really) but I haven't yet watched Miracle On 34th Street, so I think that's a definite contender for today! 

Next year -

As Edith is so young this year, it seemed pointless to buy a special Santa plate for her. Perhaps next year, she will be more interested, which means I will make sure that we have a special Santa plate for her to offer the big man some snacks when he brings her some presents. 

Do you have any traditions that you do every Christmas Eve?

Thanks, lovelies.


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