Alton Towers Resort - Splash Landings Water Park With A Baby

Welcome back!

We have just recently come back from a stay at the Alton Towers Resort, and what a treat it was!
This was the first time that Max and I have been away with Edith, just the three of us, since she's been born. We had visited the resort when I was just 8 weeks pregnant with her, so it was nice to be able to take a trip there with her in tow on the outside!

I thought I'd write a post about how we got in in the Splash Landings Water Park with a baby and include some of our favourite parts of our day as well as how we found it with having Edith with us. 

Excuse the lack of photos in this post. I had charged my waterproof camera, but I forgot to take it with me!


When we arrived at the resort, we checked in to our hotel, and then we went to get ourselves sorted. We had arrived early, so that we could have a full day in the water park, which meant that our room was not quite ready for checking in. This was absolutely not a problem because we were able to check in our luggage, and continue with our day. Once our room was ready for us to go in, we headed out of the water park so that we could get ready for dinner and relax for a little bit. 

Getting into the water park

We had already printed our tickets at home before we went, which saved us some time as it meant that we could just scan the barcodes and go straight in. 

The Splash Landings water park is located within the Splash Landings Hotel. As we were staying in the Cbeebies Land Hotel, we had a short walk up to the water park which was lovely. I enjoy being able to walk through the Alton Towers Hotel as they have a walkway which connects with the Splash Landings Hotel, meaning we didn't have to walk outside for very long at all. 

Inside Splash Landings

Once inside the water park, we headed straight for a changing room. From past experiences of visiting, I knew that they had family changing rooms available, which are very useful when all of us needed to get changed into our swimming gear. The changing rooms were roomy enough that I could get changed whilst Max held Edith, and vice versa. After that, we found a large locker which needed a 20p coin (it is returnable), so if you're planning on visiting, make sure you have 20p spare! After that, we headed through the rest of the changing area, ready to go and have some fun!

As we had been before, we knew that there were lots of things to do inside the water park. I was especially looking forward to being able to take Edith into the baby pool and see what she thought of it, as she has only been swimming once before.

Edith, like the sassy baby she is, was not keen on the temperature of the water. The water was, of course, still warm and was pleasant to swim in, however Edith is used to much warmer temperatures when she has her bath, so to say that she was unimpressed, to begin with, would be an understatement. 

Splashing about

After a while, Edith began to enjoy her surroundings. Max and I took it in turns to go on the water rides which worked well. When Max was off enjoying the rides, I ventured around the water park and found a small soft play area for babies. I popped onto the floor with Edith, to let her have a bit of a play. She seemed to enjoy being able to climb and pull herself up onto the equipment. However, babies quickly get bored and so we headed back to the baby pool area, where we sat in the water and she had a splash about.

Hungry work

Swimming and enjoying yourself if hungry work, so we opted to get some lunch in the afternoon. Within the water park, there is an eatery that served a range of hot fast foods which you could sit around and eat by the pool. Edith enjoyed being able to try chicken nuggets for the first time and had a munch on some of our chips - you learn to accept that babies will eat whatever is on your plate, just because it's yours!

Edith, of course, wanted some milk as well whilst we were there, which again was not a problem. I'm a firm believer that no woman should have to move to breastfeed. I was not prepared to go into a changing room, or a toilet, to feed her. So, I found a bench in the water park, covered my exposed shoulder with a towel, and latched Edith on.

Excuse my minimal make-up, and tired expression on my face!

Overall, we had a fab time in the water park. It was nice to have a family day out that we could all enjoy. We will definitely be back once Edith is a bit bigger and can appreciate the water a bit more as well as toddling about to look at things.

Have you ever been to the Alton Towers water park?

Thanks, lovelies.


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