Our third wedding anniversary.

Welcome back!

It's our third wedding anniversary, so I thought I'd dedicate a post to it. After all, every year is worth celebrating!

A bit about us

I'll give you some background on us. We met when Max was 17 and I was 16. So, we have been together for almost 9 years already (wow). Looking back on those (almost) 9 years is incredible. We've moved across the country together, bought pets together and now we have our Edith together.

Fun fact - We met at a supermarket, where he was working, and then he'd found me through mutual friends online and the rest is history.

Where it all began!
The key to success?

I don't want to be one of those people that thinks they know everything about marriage, or relationships, but I do know about our relationship. I don't think there is any particular recipe for success though. Marriage, like anything else in life, is just about winging it and seeing what happens. Of course there are hurdles, much like anything else, and dealing with them is unique.

I absolutely know that I'm not the easiest person to live with at times, because frankly, I have times where I annoy myself. Equally, Max is not always the easiest person to live with, but I think one of the biggest pieces of advice that I could spare, would be to know when to let things go. I'm a hot head, and will often stew if something either isn't going my way, or if I'm unhappy about something. However, being married really makes me reevaluate if something is really worth being annoyed about and learning to be more like a particular ice queen and to let it go!

Baby changes everything?

If you've read any of my previous posts, you may have read about my thoughts on cramming in couple time. So, I guess I should address the elephant in the room and discuss whether our relationship has changed since Miss. Edith came into our lives. I can't really say whether it has or hasn't, because we still have the same level of fun and laughter that we had before, as cheesy as that sounds. Of course, I'm still prone to get annoyed or have a short temper, and Max is still able to purposely wind me up to make me laugh, so nothing there has changed. I think it's just about finding the balance in your relationship and going with it.

How have we celebrated our anniversary?

Every year, we visit the same restaurant that we had our wedding dinner at, on our anniversary. When we got married, we weren't keen on the idea of a disco, or a big party, because it's not us. We wanted to be an intimate, and special day with our close friends and family. There was only 36 guests at our wedding, including us and that was still hard work to be able to chat and mingle with everyone.

Anyway, we have decided to have our dinner at another restaurant, this year, and this time with Edith in tow! Last year, I was pregnant with her which felt strange in itself but having her with us this year, is wonderful.

As part of our anniversary celebrations, we also tied in a visit to watch Jurassic Park In Concert! We had the tickets for this booked for a long time. We'd booked them back when I was fairly early pregnant, but I had assumed that maybe I could express some milk to leave and then we arrange childcare. If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know that Edith will not take a bottle, which meant that we had to take her with us.

We had such a good time watching the orchestra play alongside the film, and Edith was so well behaved and slept through the whole of the second half of the film, despite the noise!

Tonight, we will be having a dinner, and enjoying the time together. I'm so grateful for my marriage, because I truly don't know how Max puts up with me sometimes!

Here's to the next adventures.

Thanks, lovelies.


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