My Favourite Things About Being A Mum

Recently, I wrote about some of the reasons why parenting wasn't always as blissful as it might appear, but that felt far too negative to leave it at that without discussing some of the lovely things about being a parent. So, that's what I thought I'd focus on in this post because there are far more positives that outweigh the negatives.

The overwhelming love

This is perhaps the most obvious, but this is truly one of the best things about being a parent. The love.

I think the love begins when you see those two lines, or at least, it did for me. Ever since those lines, Edith has become my priority in life, and I think that's just how it will stay.

I thought I knew what love was, what with being married to my best friend, and having close relationships with my family but the love you feel for your child is just indescribable. There really is nothing like it, and it's one of those feelings that you just don't feel until you become a parent. 

The cuddles and smiles

Again, pretty obvious and ties in with the overwhelming love, but having cuddles and smiles pretty much on demand is beautiful. I feel quite lucky in the sense that Edith is a very cuddly child. She will often enjoy just laying with me on the sofa having a cuddle. Although she would do this as a newborn, because let's face it, all newborns do is sleep, feed, poop repeat. However, now, Edith will raise her arms or move towards me for me to pick her up. She will also say 'aww' for a cuddle as well as opening her dribble mouth for a kiss.

As well as the cuddles, there's nothing like having your child smile at you. I've never thought of myself as a funny or silly person, but I'll do whatever it takes to get a smile from Edith. Sometimes, she's not very forthcoming when it comes to giving them away, and she will sometimes make me work for it. So, if it means I have to look or sound a bit silly, then that's what I'll do for one of those toothy smiles.

New adventures

I often take my surroundings for granted. Once you've seen things, you've seen them, right? Wrong. Taking Edith to our favourite places, or to new places, just lets me experience everything twice. Once through my self, but secondly watching the world through Edith's eyes.

To her, everything is exciting and new. I think that's something that often gets lost once you transition from a child to an adult. The magic in life disappears when reality strikes. So, being able to enjoy the world through Edith is a pleasure and adds some of the lost magic back to my life. I get excited about all of the new adventures that we can do as a family purely for this reason.

Family traditions

Linking to new adventures, making new family traditions that we can enjoy is really special. It's something that makes us a family.

If you read one of my autumn posts, you'll see that we went pumpkin picking. We all had such a lovely time, and it makes family time that bit more special. Especially when it becomes something that you look forward to every year.

Watching my baby grow into their own person

Edith has such a strong personality and watching that continue to develop is wonderful. Although I can't say that I love having having her grunt at me when I try to help her to do things, but we can't have it all!

However, she's quickly developing into her own person, and learning new things every day. I love being able to see her likes and her dislikes.

The awe of knowing that I (we) made her

A woman's body is amazing, isn't it? Being able to grow a life inside you is incredible. It genuinely blows my mind that after seeing those two lines on a pregnancy test, that in 9 months time there was  an actual human child.

My rainbow baby.

If there's one thing that I'll be forever grateful for is my body's ability to grow and nurture my baby (and is continuing to do so!).

What are some of your favourite things about being a parent?

Thanks, lovelies.



  1. My two are teenagers now and I have loved every minute. What I'm loving now is seeing two amazing yourng people step out into the world, making me proud every day with everything they do

  2. I love watching them grow and develop and the unconditional love they have for me is a blessing.