Please Don't Touch My Baby

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This might be a rant filled post, but I figured that I express my opinions a lot anyway, so this won't be of any exception.

Like the title suggests, it makes me feel pretty uncomfortable when people, more specifically strangers, just come up and stroke or touch Edith. So, I thought I'd write a post about it because I'm sure I'm not the only parent that feels this way.


I've probably said it before, but people love a pregnant woman. I'm guilty of it too. I love talking about pregnancy and I just love seeing pregnant ladies. Maybe something about the idea of new life being made makes me feel all mushy and brings out my softer side...perhaps. 

Anyway, I'm all for people loving pregnant women, but that means people also love to touch them - their bumps that is. During my pregnancy, I made it very clear that I did not want to be touched. I did not want people rubbing my bump. Perhaps I'm a miserable person, but I like my personal space and the idea of bump rubbing was a big invasion of that. 

In any other circumstance, when would it be acceptable to go up to someone and rub them? It probably wouldn't unless you knew that person and had invited them to do so. 

Oh, baby!

Since having Edith, I've attracted all sorts of attention, whether that be when I'm pushing her in her pram or sitting with her on my lap. Babies are conversation starters! 

Now, I don't mind when people talk to me about Edith, in fact I enjoy being able to praise her. However, it seems that once a conversation gets flowing, it then opens up an invitation for them to reach out and touch her arm, her cheek, etc. At that point, is when I start to feel uncomfortable. I don't like the idea of a stranger reaching out and touching me, so of course, I don't like it when it happens to my baby. 

I'm not a parent that is overly concerned with germs, but there's something about not knowing where that stranger's hands have been that makes me feel a little odd.

I guess the reason that spurred me on to writing this post, was a strange encounter that I had whilst being out for dinner. Max, at the time, was not at the table when a lady came up to Edith and I praising how cute she was. The lady, of course, meant well with her comments, however I was trying to sort some food out for us so was trying to politely end the conversation. The lady then asked whether it would be ok for her to take Edith's picture, as she was so sweet. My answer was absolutely not

In circumstances like that, it makes me feel like there are less boundaries with strangers when a baby is involved because the lady seemed to be confused as to why I had said no. 

How do you feel about strangers coming up to your baby? Have you ever had any strange encounters? I'd love to know!

Thanks, lovelies. 


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  1. When I told people I was pregnant the first thing I said was 'DO NOT touch my bump'. So many people have come up and stroked Emily. One lady tried to feel in her mouth for teeth?! Can you not!? Another lady wiped food on the back of Emily in spoons once too. I think she thought I hadn't noticed because she was saying how cute she was and just stroking her back but she was wiping food all over her!

    People are so strange I just don't understand it at all!